All apps (circle with 6 dots) and most recent and recently used, all disappeared

Not sure what has happened here at all but all apps circle and most recently and most used panel has completely gone from my phone, I now have a blank panel where that all was. I didn’t change anything from the phone at all and thought restarting would work, it didn’t. To open apps now apart from the apps on home screen, I have to go to manage apps, scroll through list, click on it, scroll down and launch. Anyone any ideas? I really don’t want to do a factory reset.

These topics should get you on track:

Thanks but neither of them have solved my problem :frowning:

So, just to check: you have a completely empty panel (as you say even the menu button is gone). That would indicate the ‘Your Apps’ widget was (accidentally) removed from that panel. When you say that the other topics didn’t solve your problem, I’m guessing you can’t get into the widgets menu as it turns out the menu hardware button behaviour is changed from that reported in the first topic; and additionally you have edge swipe / quick access disabled.
The only solution that I can come up with if the above is true (though maybe someone else has another neat trick) is to go into manage apps, select Fairphone OS, and then Clear data. You’ll probably need to reboot after that. This should leave most of your data alone, but it should also reset all the panels back to default settings (which means you’ll have to redo any customisations on all of the panels).

Yes, totally empty panel, no menu button. Can’t get into the widgets menu either, no. It seems I can do the edge swipe function you mention, however there is no menu app or your apps function in there. I don’t have any problem with the panels resetting if I use your idea. Maybe I’ll see if anyone else can come up with an idea in the meantime

But you don’t get the circle with the six boxes in the edge swipe menu? That’s new for me, as I can’t remove that button from edge swipe menu at all. If you do have it in edge swipe, it should open the menu, after which you’d be able to tap widgets at the top of the menu and scroll all the way right by swiping left to find the Your Apps widget…

BINGO! Found it, all sorted…thank you!