Air bubble in my brand new fairphone

I’ve got a fairphone yesterday and first I thought there is an extra protecting foil on the screen. On the right side where the on/off button is situated is a small air bubble (2x15mm). Can I do something about it? Should I send it back?

I guess it is, as you suspected, the protection foil.
Or did you already take it off?

ok. thank you! I hope it is and if it is I would let it on the screen. Maybe I’m over-cautious with my new toy :wink:

The protection foil with which the phone is shipped is only supposed to protect it during post production (packaging, transport etc), but is neither thought nor well suited for daily use.
If you want to have an extra protection for daily use I would recommend to look for something different.

Some users in the forum have already discussed potential solutions; maybe you find some useful infos here:


Well, after about 3.5 months of use I still have the original protection foil and it works quite well, even though I bought a protection foil upon receiving confirmation of my Fairphone shipment :stuck_out_tongue:
Bye! :slight_smile:

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