Agenda sync between mac and fairphone 4

I’ve been using apple products for a long time, and I would like to switch to fairphone, but I’ll still keep my macbook. Is there a way to syncronise the macbook agenda with the fairphone 4? I use the agenda all day long and need it to be syncronised in real time between the macbook and the phone.

Thank you in advance for the help !


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Don’t know if it’s possible to synchronize directly between an Apple (Macbook) and an Android (FP4) device.
But you might use some kind of CalDav device in between (e.g. a Nextcloud server or service). iOS supports CalDav natively and for Android there are CalDav clients. I’m using this for a similar setup and it works fine.


Did you manage to solve it with the advice given? On FP3 I have success with a DAV client called DAVx5 (available on Google Play Store and F-Droid). If not, what kind of software is the calendar server running, or if you don’t know: what is the name of the software product you are trying to sync with?

Hi, I haven’t the fairphone yet (I’m trying to make my current phone last the longest possible before changing) so I haven’t tried to solve the problem. I would like to sync the app calendar (the standard calendar app that you have pre-installend in all apple devices) with the fairphone calendar. It appears that there’s a way using a google calendar that can be added to the apple calendar so that they sync

I have used Apple’s Calendar and Fantastical as calendar app (with macOS doing sync). On Android, DAVx5 as sync client, Etar/Simple Calendar as calendar app (notice the difference that you need a third party sync client on Android), on both FP2 and FP3, with Nextcloud as DAV server. I don’t have a FP4 as of now, but I don’t see how it shouldn’t work.

TL;DR DAVx5 should get you going. It costs a few EUR on Play Store, free on F-Droid.

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