After update to A13 battery drains and wallet doesnt work

Hope someone can help me, maybe there is some workarounds?

  1. Reboot with 5G on. Much better after turning 5G off.
    After that new issues started to appear.
  2. It suddenly drains the batteri dry in less than a normal day. 10 hours with no use leaves it at less than 50 %.
  3. Google wallet doesnt seem to work anymore. Any tips?

Is there nothing I can do until there is a New update? And when will that be? A rough estimate is ok. :wink:

Hi pauli, you are not alone with this problem.

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Can you describe a bit more in what way it doesn’t work anymore?

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I’ll try. The thing is when you present the phone it doesnt seem to register the card terminal and pay. It seems like it can’t connect to the terminal like before. I had to start bringing cards again to be able to pay.

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