After update 1.3.6: Bluetooth profile problem

i also add the support number…

i´m again disappointed - now also from operators of the forum, sorry but…

Please place a message in the thread Support request not answered yet including your ticketnumber.

I finally gave them a call by telephone (Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400). That resulted in this e-mail:

The issue you mention should have been fixed with a previous software update, namely Fairphone 2 OS 1.3.6.
But it seems that you are still experiencing some troubles after the
update with your car. Can you maybe try to go to Settings > Sounds
& Notifications > Privacy Impact > Untick the box. Then
restart your phone and see if your device can be correctly paired.
If not, this is something we are not able to solve for now. Further
software updates will improve this situation, but if there is an
incompatibility between your car and the Fairphone 2, we don’t have a
short-time solution.
Nevertheless, the fact that you mention that
the FP1 is working correctly and the FP2 is detected, allow us to think
that a further update might solve the issue.

I tested the Privacy setting, but 1) it was already unchecked, and 2) checking/unchecking didn’t help.
I am also considering to ‘return’ my Fairphone and buy another one. Bluetooth/Car is essential/crucial/musthave. Failing bluetooth/car is a NOGO.

Hi Thanx, for the nice try, but it worked properly before the (Up)- downgrade well, after the last two updates it toggles, connected disconnected, connected, etc… also with your hint rebooting, reconnect / paring etc. all combinations, sea behavior. But thank you for caring :wink:

This is just a bump. I’m having the same problem. Updated twice (1.3.6 and then 1.4.2) both times I had to return to 1.2.8 because I lost the possibility to connect to my cars audio system. Only the media profile worked. The only work-around I found is to revert to 1.2.8. Everything else didn’t work. So it has to do with the “optimization” of bluetooth from 1.2.8 to 1.3.6, doesn’t it?
I feel this should be added to the common bugs list. How can we do that?

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I have trouble too with the hand free function on my car radio. The music streaming work, but the hands free function not. I get a trace of the connection procedure. There is an error after reciving an “AT+BAC=1,2” command. I would upload the trace file, but this (bad) forum accept only pictures (Fairphone Team: You shoud change this!).

I use the “Fairphone Open 16.06.0” OS on my Fairphone 2. My car radio is a Pinoeer DEH-7800DAB with the lastest software.

If someone wont the tracefile please reply the way here.

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how to go back to an older version? because fairphone won´t solve the problem, they also give no replies etc… all i got was the same hint to activate deactivate etc. nothing helps, so, if you know how to go back maybe my GPS and SimCard reboot problem maybe solved again :wink:

Where did you get this information?

They are improving that.

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we have this problem since the last two or three updates. sorry that i ´ve been a little bit frustrated: but

  1. fairphone 1 was great, for Number2 they promised a rooted phone we did´t get a rooted phone.
  2. bluetooth should be improved, but it is even worse… FP1 works much more better.
  3. now, the SimCard toggling problem i loose a little bit trust in FP…in general, that´s why i guess they will not solve it. but you´re right the do their very best… i just wait…

ad. 1.
I can’t recall that, I never read such a promise. Nonetheless, there is FP Open OS available, which is rooted.
Btw, this question was also discussed here, and as far as I remember, no one was able to come up with evidence that Fairphone ever promised that.

ad. 3.
If you refer to the latest bug: From what we (community) know until now, I find it hard to blame FP. The problems didn’t appear right after the FPOS update, but after Google’s GMS update, so whatever caused this bug, I don’t see how FP could have foreseen the GMS change that eventually occurred. However, this just my assumption based on the event timeline. In any case, I’m sure they will soon have that fixed soon, as they fixed so many other bugs in a short time.

In general I find the update policy of FP rather convincing and good. But i can understand that they prioritize fixing bugs that affect more people. To make it short, personally I have no reason to not believe in Fairphone fixing important issues to provide a working software base, and continuing to give their best in doing so.
However, I can also understand how frustrating it is if a bug that bothers you and seemingly is not getting fixed. I’m still waiting for the language bug on encrypted devices getting fixed…

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Oh come on… there is no special topic in this forum regarding official rooting from fairphone? i contacted them before ordering and they say they will… why is there a great interest within this forum regarding rooting from fairphone? because a complicated version for samsung, sony or what ever, is overtime possible but the clou about fp1 and 2 is the rooting by FP. and now i would like to end this discussion. please read the forum topics root or not to root etc… why do have all the users this idea? are they such as stupid as me? is there really no promise like that?
a sentence like " i´ve never read such a promise" is not very friendly so please let us stop the discussion here. the forum is for helping each other. and if i remember right they will deliver an FP rooting but when is the question. i´m just a little bit frustrated but i will keep the FP2 and try to deal with all the problems.

The FP Open OS is available since a couple of months. It is rooted by default.
And no, I can’t recall any official statement from Fairphone before the FP2 launch that said it would come rooted. Please show it, if you know where it is, I was looking for it when I received my Fairphone, because I was super pissed that it wasn’t rooted and I also thought it would be.
In any case, with a delay of some months Fairphone published a rooted version of the Fairphone OS, additionally also free of GMS. If you’d like to install it, here are the instructions:

I did not read anything about this regarding the normal Lollipop-phone. But Fairphone told us, that the bootloader would be (and is) unlocked and we are free to root it. Rooting was easy, so why do you whine?

Hey we both get a fruitful discussion in the end. i have an email where i got an apologize that it is not rooted until that day etc… can we share it? i don´t know if this is legal to share a copy of a conversation. but:
it was the january and they say they are working hard on this topic and that they know that it is important for Fairphoners to have a rooted phone etc. and in the end they say it is possible to get fully refunded in case i would like to have a rooted phone from the beginning - and that´s it, i think most of us bought the FP2 because FP1 was rooted and very good. i repaired my FP1 more than one time exchanged the battery and gave it to my daughter and she uses it.
thank you for helping me is that helpful for you? or do you need this mail? i think we could not change anything, we just have to wait or do the rooting by ourselves. did you do it? than two questions: how to get the updates after rooting?, how to install the google services again because i only need the rooting for some apps ;-), third question: are the problems regarding Bluetooth, GSM/GPS the same as in in non-rooted versions?
o.k. thank you sorry for my unfriendly words before this :wink: thank you that you have the same ideas and Problems.

I agree with you, many expected that the FP2 will be rooted like the FP1, but this wasn’t the case at the very beginning (you had to compile the rooted system yourself). Only in April I think they released the Open OS which is rooted.
However, it is easy to root the regular FP OS thanks to a third party hack (after all, the bootloader never was locked).

What I understood from Fairphone is that they cannot offer root for the software version which ships with installed Google Services (what I understand for legal reasons). However, Fairphone has the FP Open OS version which is rooted and GMS free, and I am sure that this is also what they meant when they told you in the mail that they will offer a rooted system.

Like the regular FP OS, the FP Open OS gets regular updates via the updater, and Fairphone communicated they also want to offer monthly updates like for the default FP OS. (This didn’t work in July, but before, so I guess they keep up their promise again at latest after summer, after the holiday season). If you want to root the FP OS through the third party hack, keep in mind that you have to root it again after every update. In this way the Open OS is more convenient, but I think when switching then once you will overwrite the /data partition, thus loosing data and having to set up the device again. This can be made more easy if you use a good backup tool, like for example Titanium backup.

So basically you have two options: Root the FP OS through the third party hack, or install the Open OS which is rooted without GMS.
If you still want to use Google services on the Open OS, you can do so by installing the GAPPS yourself.
Alternatively some people use apps from the google play store (e.g. through blank store or raccoon) and replacements for the google framework services (like micro g) instead of using google apps or GMS.

While some people have reported that GPS does not work on the Open OS, I use it without any problems. I don’t know about bluetooth, since I don’t use it.

Trying to get back to topic:
You can get the OS-Builds here:
And install them like described here:

Worked well for me. Still I was so frustrated because I had to live with the bugs they solved in later versions that I bought a new non-fair-phone… :frowning:

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Sorry to bring this Topic up but i cant belive that this Problem isnt fixed until now (FP2 OS 1.8.1). Since 6 Month this is a known error but until now not in the official Bug-List.
As i read in this thread there are Problems with Citroen, Mercedes, Pioneer Car Stereo, and in my case also with Parrot CK3100 Hands Free Car-Set and also Kenwood KDC-X7000DAB Car Stereo. Like Other stated there are Problems with HFP (Hands Free Profile) on the Kenwood and PBA (Phone Book Access) on the Kenwood and Parrot CK3100.
Yes, there were massive improvements in Bluetooth since Firmware 1.3.6, but only related to Audio Streaming. Since then HFP and PBA is broken for several People. I think it should be possible to find out what Changed in HFP and PBA since 1.3.6.
Still hoping that this will be fixed one day, really annoying cause its completely forbidden to telephone without HandsFree in a Car in Germany.


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After Updating to Android 6 the Bluetooth Problem seems to be fixed finally. In my case Both devices are working as expected (Parrot CK3100 and Kenwood KDC-X7000DAB).

Now missing some features which i loved on 5.1. But functionality is more important to me than features. Maybe they bring some things back with the next update (e.G. Switching to silent or vibration Mode by pressing Power Button and select the desired Icon). This is much faster than anything else.



If someone still has bluetooth issues with Android 6 please find a more recent topic.