After new Fairphone update yesterday phone does not turn on anymore

Yesterday I agreed to the automatical Fairphone update proposed by the phone. At some point the installation process stopped and a “no command” lying android appeared. Ever since then it keeps turning itself on and off. Nothing helps. I let the battery die and hoped it would work then. Nothing. I tried resetting it to factory settings but I cant even enter system recovery.
Does andybody have an advice? Thank you!!

Welcome to the Fairphone community.
There are some other reports about non working update procedures, for example: FP2 not rebooting after updating to 21 / Android 9
maybe you can find some help there.

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Thank you ! Unfortunately this didnt work either. After repeatedly trying to manually install the Update on my Mac computer, I was never able to proceed step 7 because my computer cannot find my phone. After trying all the steps 3 times the phone now does not even enter fast boot anymore but stays completely black. Do you have any more ideas? Thank you

Luckily I never had to dug that deep until now. But there are other members in this forum who can help you, for sure.

Within the Link provided by @Incanus there are several other links included and 1 leads you to the official bugtracker which I would suggest

The "no command " android is the system recovery. There you have to press on/off button and while pressing it volume-up (see #dic:recoverymode) to enter the menu. But I wouldn’t recommend a factory reset in this case. I think a manual installation of the OS would be better. Maybe you have #fairphoneangels nearby who might help you.

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