After leaving wifi there is no mobile data - reboot is necessary

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For some time now I have experienced that everytime I leave home and my wifi connection, my Fairphone 4 does not connect to mobile data - or that is: I cannot use the internet, using for instance my radio app and I will not receive any messages or notifications. Returning to wifi is not enough, I have to reboot the phone for it to connect.
Any suggestions for how to fix this? I have tried going through the app settings, making sure that I have not accidentially turned something off. I am not very tech savvy, but I am really not aware that I have done anything that could result in this annoying situation.
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Try instead of rebooting switching Aeroplane mode on and off.

Sometimes it helps to remove the APN settings of the SIM card and enter them as new.

Thanks a lot for the answer and suggestion! Really appreciate it.

Yes, switching Aeroplane mode on and off would indeed be easier - but I would of course prefer not needing to do it at all. I have located the APN settings (did not know about this until now) and will try this out.

Did you get a resolution to this? I’ve had what I believe to be the same problem. Usually rebooting the FP4 resolved it, but that’s not working either now. I’ve just tried testing airplane mode on/off, doesn’t seem to help either

I have a feeling that this problem is related to the carrier (company providing the mobile network service) and possibly the OS version. If you don’t find a solution I would advise you to contact both Fairphone support and your carrier.

Have a look at some related cases.

In addition to switching Aeroplane mode on and off, another thing you can try, is to

  • switch Wi-Fi OFF when not needed
  • switch mobile data OFF when not needed

so that only the one or the other is ON at any one time. This again is only a work-around but still quicker than rebooting.

Unfortunately the problem is getting worse. I have to turn off the phone (airplane mode is not enough). And some time I have to do it several times a day.
I can’t tell any difference whether or not I leave the wifi on all the time, but usually I turn it off when I leave my known wifis.
I really have no idea what the issue is related to, so yes, I think I need to contact Fairphone.
But thanks for suggesting the other cases, I will have a look.

Having look at the related cases suggested by @OldRoutard I have tried deleting my VPN (after a morning with 4-5 reboots). It is too early to tell the long term effects (I did it an hour ago), but before deleting the VPN I did not have a connection and immediately after I got. So fingers crossed this was a solution in my case!

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Yesterday I resolved this issue of not being able to connect to the network. I removed the battery and sim card for a few seconds and put them back in again. So I recommend trying that incase it resolves the same issue for you too.

I had tried clearing settings, rebooting the phone on the fairphone guide, and non of those worked in my case.


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Thanks for sharing @Richard_Atkins. I tried the same a couple of days ago, but it only worked for a short time. However, after deleting my VPN app yesterday, I have not experienced any problems, so I think that was the solution for me.


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