After Kola nut 1.8.5 update, SIM-Card is in roaming mode

Ever since the latest update my SIM-Card is on roaming mode. Each time I see the R, I have to connect it anew to my local network. But when losing the net or changing from WLAN to data connection, it again shows the R and I have to connect it again etc. This is frustrating! Why does this happen and what can I do?

This is likely a coincidence not related to the update.

See Falsche Roaming - Warnung in Deutschland seit April 2015 [Wiki]
Fairphone Help!

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I’ve got a report via twitter that it’s not related to the Telefonicá/e-Plus merger, and also happened to a peer of the person tweeting this in Italy, with a local italian SIM. Seems Annette is not alone.

I don’t think so because the two nets were united before I did the latest update and I didn’t get these warnings before. But thanks for your hint. Fairphone support has no explanation either.

Ask them if other people reported the same issue. There should at least be two, one from Italy and one from Germany, according to my twitter conversation with @foe05.