After Android 10 Update Call Recording Only Records Silence

Part of the reason why I bought a Fairphone 3 was because it supported recording calls using the Call Recorder on F-Droid.

However, after upgrading to Android 10, call recording stopped working.

The call recorder still makes an audio file (.ogg) that is as long as the call, but it is nothing but silence. I have tried all possible recording sources: “Auto”, “Voice Line”, “Mic”, “System Default”, “VoIP”, “Voice Recognition”, “Camcorder”, “System RAW”; but none of them work.

(I have made a support request.)


Just a quick reminder that call recording is differing levels of legal/illegal across different countries.

Carry on.


Well, the app description already says that

MOST PHONES DOES NOT SUPPORT CALL RECORDING. Blame Google or your phone manufacturer not me!

The linked Google Issue Tracker thread has a clear explanation:


Not sure if this

might change anything here.


I have the same problem, plus I can not hear or people can not hear me when calling if call recording is on.

I only read here this happens when “call recording” is on. I don’t have call recording on and this happens when sending audio messages in WhatsApp, too. I read on Google Community Forum this issue was noticed especially on Xiaomi phones and a patch was released.
I can’t seem to find what happened next, but I’m not sure who should be taking care of this.
As far as I know, FP uses the out-of-the-shelf Android, so nothing that should be for FP to resolve, but I wonder if they can use their channels to find out more.
Has anyone submitted a ticket about this?

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Welcome to the community forum!

Answer is yes, as you can see. I encourage you to submit one yourself anyway, because it will allow FP to grasp how big the problem is and have more representative data. And it may allow you to get a fix faster.

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Hi Alex. Thank you for your help.
I meant about this specific issue that is not (entirely) related to phone recording.
I’m submitting a ticket anyway.

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It seems that there is a general audio recording problem since Android 10. “Audio Recorder” tells me that “Android it preventing idle background apps from using the microphone”, “disable selinux”, “mic muted” and “mic paused by OS”.

I want to use it for general voice / audio recording, not call recording. Recording audio with the camera app (along with a video) also seems to have stopped working. Microphone permission is set and there was no problem in Android 9.

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I got the reply from Support tgat I shoukd be fine with their latest update from FP.

Fairphone OS v.045 (Build number 8901.3.A.0045.20200905).

I have experienced less times this happening in the ladt days, I’ll keep an eye on this in the coming days.

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Has that update already been released? My Build-no is 8901.3.A.0033.20200815 and when I check for updates it says there are no Updates available…

The update was removed, probably because of too many issues.