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Should i add an information by clicking in a green pencil. There is no pencil when i enter the topic by my mobile.

In the list is yesmin as a travel esim dealer for fairphone. But on the website of yesmin is the fairphone not in the list of devices

Hi and welcome. The pencil is at the bottom and its not green, not sure if this was previously green or just looks different depending on theme and browser.

Not sure if a niche phone like the FP would be listed by provider and I assume they cannot list all devices on the market

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The Fairphone is a niche device and it will not show up as supported in many cases because of that. But that does not mean that it doesn’t work. This is one reason why we have the wiki.


You might only be able to edit a Wiki once you have reached the next trust level “basic user”:

It should not take that long, you will need just a little bit activity in this forum (see link above for details).


Agree. Thank you for your assistance

Ah ok. I will do my best to reach the next level