Add credentials to OAuth FP Zendesk/Support account?

I only see the Change Password option, and that’s only visible in my (potentially non-OAuth) account.


  1. [ ] How do I change my e-mail address for the accounts there?

    I’ve asked at

    Per Add credentials to OAuth FP Zendesk/Support account? - #4 by rokejulianlockhart, I’ve realized that I merely have to login with my credentials rather than OAuth in order to change the account password, but how can I change its e-mail address too?

  2. [x] Or ascertain (for OAuth-created accounts) what my valid credentials are?

You will have to contact


After submitting some tickets, I logged back into my (what I believed to be separate non-OAuth account, and it turns out that those credentials were actually for the same account. I just couldn’t change the password if I authenticated via OAuth, but I expect that that’s actually an issue for Zendesk to rectify instead.

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