Add birthday to a contact

I would like to know if I can add a birthday to my contacts on FP2?

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Yes, you can:). If you edit a contact (the pencil in the right top corner when you open a contact), you can tap “add another field”. Then choose “special dates”, and then you can set a date.

When I click on “Add another field”, I don’t see "special dates"
I have “e-mail adress”, “chat”, “address”, “Notes”, “Pseudo”, “Web site” and “SIP address”
(not sure about the translation, my FP is in French)

If you set your phone to English, is it then possible to find the field ‘Special dates’?

I also don’t have “special dates” (in english) and I believe it might be because I didn’t sign in with a Google Account and disabled Google Contacts Synch.

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No, I set up the phone in English, and rebooted it and I still don’t see the special dates. I neither didn’t sign in with a Google Account…
Maybe the “special dates” field is not stored on the phone


Let’s have that in our feature requests.


I have that field on contacts synced with carddav.

In case anyone else has the same problems: the Fairphone’s contacts app does not seem to have a field for birthdays when you don’t use Google. But birthdays my computer (a Mac) shows in the Calendar (it takes them from my contacts) are shown in the FP2’s calendar. And in the calendar widget. So my workaround is to have this widget on my home screen (though it is a nuisance to have to add birthdays via my computer - but then again, how many birthdays do you really have to remember?..)

Is a solution available to store birthday in contacts without google?

I’m using another mail/calender provider ( When adding birthday to a contact on posteo, this date is synchronized with my FP.