Adb reboot bootloader - only fairphone logo after reboot

Hi folks,

I am running the latest fairphone os with android 6. I would like to give lineage os a try. Connected to fedora 25 with usb debugging enabled and android-tools installed device is recognized by adb device. But running “adb reboot bootloader” command ends up in a black screen with fairphone logo. Same result when trying to start bootloader over recovery menu. ??


This is what bootloader/fastboot mode normally looks like, so it seems the phone is doing exactly what you told it to do. It’s now waiting for commands; you’ll need to attach the phone to your computer via USB and issue commands using fastboot.
I’m guessing you’re trying to install TWRP recovery as lineage usually is installed from TWRP. There’s instructions on which fastboot commands to issue here. Note that you only need to perform one of the listed install methods - so if you’ve used the app install method, you don’t need the fastboot install method (and vice-versa).

P.S. General reminder: remember to back up any/all data that you want to keep before starting these kind of procedures.

P.P.S. More discussion about installing lineage can be found in the topic over here.

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Hello Johannes,
thanks for the quick reply. I have expected to get a bootloader menu :wink: I have also expected the device get visible via adb, but didn’t. The issue has been clarified, thank you.


It’s visible with the fastboot tool (use fastboot devices).

Quick overview:
Bootloader -> fastboot
Recovery -> adb
Normal system -> adb

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