Active car holders for Fairphones available?

I use the smartphone for navigation while driving with my car, which is consuming much battery capacity. So I always changed the active car cradle (Brodit) when I switched to a new smartphone.

As I am very interested for the Fairphone 4, I searched an active car cradle for the previous Fairphones to find out if any cradle might become available for this device. But I had no luck with it.
I don’t want to use one of the universal holders as I want to have one that fits to my smartphone and where the power is connected when I plug the smartphone in the cradle.

It would be great if anyone knows who offers active car cradles for the Fairphones. It also might be 3D printed.

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There are a few 3Dprintable models for FP3 and 2, for example this one: Fairphone FP3 car mount by gandyverse - Thingiverse As soon as there is a proper mockup of the FP4 it would be relatively easy to adjust or make a new holder for the FP4 (most of the FP3 cases and holders used the FP3 mockup which was posted on Thingiverse firtst).
Thingiverse is not the best site for 3D models anymore, alas. so maybe on other sites you can find other/better designs now or in the near future.
I will not expect tot see commerical car-holders for FP3 or FP4, but there are models with general holders.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you just use a generic one that has a hole at the bottom so you can plug your phone into your car’s cigarette lighter port? That’s also probably much cheaper and more modular, since you could replace one of the “components” (holder, cable, plug) instead of having to throw the entire device away when it either breaks or you get a new phone.

Well, you are right. It would be possible to use these universal holders.
But my experience is that the phone buttons on the side in many of them are not usable, the phone is not secure holding in it and the cable to the lighter port are not so useful. I have a micro plug from a 5V power supply right near to the holder and nearly not sightable. When I get into the car plug the phone in and by recognizing external power, an app connects the phone the car speakerphone.
In each of our cars, there is a adapter plate (Richter) and so in each car we may use our phone. If we decide to change a phone I’m looking for one which is supported by a commercial active holder, OS support for at least five years, an removable battery and IP6X certified.
My phone has 2 years OS support left, but the one from my wife is out of software support. So I am looking for a new one for her.
So, after all, I say thank you and will watch how the Fairphone 4 comes up.
But for my wife the successor will be a handheld again.
I’m looking forward for the Fairphone is getting more popular and more stuff around it gets available.