Accessories, like Wallets

Hello, we have bought a fairphone 2 shortly ago and now would like to protect it with some comfortable wallet. Unfortunately the situation in Austria is quite cumbersome: In the T-mobile shops the staff doesn’t know anything. The only shop selling covers for fairphones seems to be amazon, but I try to avoid that for just the same reason we got the phone!
I guess, the situation should be quite simple: If the phone has some standard size, any cover with the appropriate size should fit. So it would be fine to learn about the “form-factor” (of course, I know the dimensions) and of size-compatible usual smartphones.
In any case, there should be good chances for any shop selling accessories for fair phones in Austria.

Have a look at this topic:


I learned by chance that my leather eyeglass wallet suits my FP2 well. First I used it only temporarily . But after I was fed up by the prices for smartphone wallets I decided to hide my FP2 behind the headed name of my optician. I didnot cost me anything , it is solid leathern (soft ones are more common) and my optician would even replace it after loss.


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