A10 - SD card phone storage issue

FP3, Android 10
Samsung Evo 256 Gb SD

after inserting card, WhatsApp does not load pictures, Camera takes pictures, but does not show them anywhere

-remove card (via software)
-shut down phone
-remove card (physically)
-restart phone
-shut down phone
-put back card (physically)
-restart phone, reaccept card

did not help

You haven’t said if the SD card was pre formatted or whether you formatted it in the phone.

If in the phone and you formatted as Internal then that could be the problem.

SD Card guide


Yes, sorry, I thought that was a given: yes, formatted as Internal by me, without thinking, checking etc.

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Ok! Hopefully you haven’t saved much before this and you can salvage what you have before ‘ideally’ formatting as Portable/External.

One major issue seemingly obscure but understandably, is that if an SD card is formatted as an extension to the internal memory then the contents are encrypted and if the phone ‘dies’ or needs a factory reset for a check or a repair then the SD card contents are lost or wiped.

Is that really the only option, formatting as External? No way to make Whatsapp and the Camera work with the current setting?

I doubt it. I tend to move Whatsapp images I want to keep to my Externaly formatted SD, don’t forget if you have to reste the phone etc. you loose all data anyway on an Internaly formatted SD card.

Regarding WhatsApp, can yo, aren’t they save by WhatsApp on some cloud, or you can upload them to such.

Regarding the camera. If you are using the default camera app, you can select where to store the images, so no need in future to move them.

As for what is lost. is lost most likely. I’ve seen no reasonable way of retrieving from SD cards that are not acting as expected under Internal formatting, after all the card is encrypted.

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