A public chat room for the community?

Hey everybody,

do you think that we, as the Fairphone community, should have our own public chat room, where everyone could join without much effort? (E.g. click a link and write immediately and maybe even anonymously?)

  • Yes because … (post your reason below)
  • No because … (post your reason below)

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If you say yes, which service would you prefer? What features should such a chat room have? What would be the benefits of such a chat room?

… because chatting is my favourite way of communication. :smile:

I’d prefer if it was limited to those who have signed up to the forum. My experience is that anonymous one-off chatters are impolite.


Same as @urs_lesse. Chatting is a nice and easy way to communicate with each other. :slight_smile: I also prefer non-anonymous chatting to prevent “trolls”. :wink:

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To me the forum is often used as a chat. A chat would be nice but I’m affraid that I would spend much more time online… :wink:


No, because it would be one more platform which would create redundant content which is not sorted well into topics. (Maybe also with a redundant user account.) The advantage of the forum is better archiving and better search. I think using the forum will be advantageous because I think there will be genius solutions to problems in that new platform which should be findable.


I’m with tofra on this one. Still, it could be useful to have a weekly or monthly chat with the Fairphone team (especially the software department) to ask questions about the status of bugfixes (and planned features?)


That indeed would be great, though I doubt that will happen, since not even the AMA did work out, apparently. There have only been two if I am not mistaken.

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… I think it wlii be really cool
Personally I would prefer Telegram :smiley:

Well, you can already join some community members on the IRC chat :slight_smile:


Also you can join to: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#fairphone:matrix.org


I prefer a forum. You can do it when it suits.


I’m not sure I like the idea of a chat integrated into the forum. I think it could lead to:

  • more work for us moderators
  • tons of messages to active community members so they have less time to be active in the public forum
  • lost information - workarounds and solutions not posted publicly
  • more spam that will take longer to be handled than public posts by spammers

I’d prefer to nominate one (already existing) external chat room the “semi-official” chat room to the forum - handled by different volunteer moderators.


I feel pretty good about IRC and Matrix. Although it still can be rough around the edges, Matrix has a lot of potential, is growing fast and has native apps for most OS’s out there.

There is already this room we can use to test it, until maybe, one day, we decide to have our own chat-server.

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@Douwe your link gets caught in the forum’s track net… :stuck_out_tongue: --> https://forum.fairphone.com/clicks/track?url=https%3A%2F%2Fchat.disroot.org%2F%23%2Froom%2F%23wearefairphone%3Amatrix.org&post_id=98032&topic_id=24836

I’ll choose your answer as the solution for now! :slight_smile: Also credits to @sim6 for posting the matrix.org-links for the first time in this thread. :+1:

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