A Big Choice, replacing my not repairable phone


I have trouble making a decision, maybe you can help me white your own experience.

I will try to explain the situation:

im currently using my loved OnePlus 6, its probably 6 years old.

this phone is still keeping up which the current days for my no need to update to a higher level of technology.

But there is a problem i will tell later.

most sustainable way right, keep using your phone as long as possible. thats a important thing for my.

and dit choice the OnePlus 6 after a long research exactly on this reason, and times tell it was the right choice.

My previous phone a Samsung S4 died after 4 jears. Never broke it by dropping and i do that a lot. But needed software and hardware repair about each 1,5 years

Hardware repair i could do my self on the Samsung s4, software needed to be done at the Samsung repair shop, factory reset wasn’t possible at that point.

My OnePlus 6 only needed ones to the repair shop, and never needed a software recet, my dream phone so durebil, i love that.

But……. ……im not telling that here only for telling.

My OnePlus only went one’s to the repair shop. It never whas repaird, they could not solve te problem.

Last software update whas realest on 2021. The company does not give any support… end of life status… no problem so long it keeps working.

Last month the problem stared, my licht didn’t turnd on and the camera stardto get strains problems. I discovered it has something to do with the google Duo app update, how i cand remove from the software. But removing the data solved te problem for some minutes.

But it was not getting better, after some time using of the camera wasn’t possible, and i need one on my phone. Repair failed. I could do it my self du to the way the phone is build. But is really strong so no complains. So I went to a OnePlus repair centre.

After 4 hours of waiting i whas told, they where unebel to repair it. probably lacking of replacement parts, not longer available.


Im looking for a replacement, one as good as the OnePlus 6 or better.

One phone ho will get older than 6 years.

Im a outdoor persoon, so it will drop many many times. and be exposed to the elements. This OnePlus 6 dos have sun burning marks on the back. And inside the screen UV light is killing where i like to go.

How do i keep my OnePlus alive? High quality case and cheep plastic PPF screenprotector, expensive glas protectors crack the same day as i install it drop my phone multiple times a day and never broke the screen i told already.

SO I NEED A NEW PHONE even i dont what to.

My interest go to the Fairphone 5 (yes now you probably think now we talking)

But i noticed a big issue which this phone… i think not sure… its not really that strong i think . It only build to be repaired. And ther are no high quality cases on the market. And look like i have to cut my one screenprotector from a tablet PPF screen protector I don’t see them on the market.

the fact that de hardware is not as good als the top line phones, and software can be better but yes that what you now get for the Fairtrade Phone. Im totaal fine with that. It looks like it good enough to do the tasks it needs to be stronger so it can still do the basic tasks after a some years, and looks like the Fairphone 5 is strong enough for that task.

Its the cases im worried about, so can it survive my infinity… of dropping it on the ground.

But jes, i still don’t go straight to the pixel 7a to buy. And the 7 pro or 8 (pro) ar Not on my interest those look to fragile.

Oneplus again. No you probably know already. No good at all. New phones from the company struggle software problems and ar really poorly bult those days. Tey dit so wel 6 years ago… nothing left of that.

For the pixel 7a there ar way stronger cases available. You probably know the brand’s Rinoshield 4 jears on my OnePlus 6, OtterBox (this one dit not work for the OnePlus 6 back glas crackt in it fits year. on my s4 a OtterBox from the beginning until the and) Moes, and many more.

Maybe you can help me with getting over some of the disadvantages of the Fairphone. I think sustainable is more in lifetime than in production. But even production is a important factor. And Fairphone is doing a really good on that point.
and ar more than willing to pay more for that.

what is your experience and knowledge, what do you think about this and, what will be the best choice for my.

thank you.


Dropping a phone is potential killing for every phone. The Fairphone has the advantage of self repair (except for the core module)
Fairphone is selling a privacy screen protector and a blue light screen protector. There are also screen protectors on the market. Since I find a matte protector more pleasing, I have bought a Brotect Air Glass matte. This matte screen protector is height fine, but the width should have been 1 mm wider. It doesn’t bother me,
Regarding cases Fairphone is selling a case, but I can’t recommend that one as the side is to low.
But have a look at thread on case for Fairphone 5.


Hello, there are definitely phones out there destined for outdoors, with higher IP rating for example, more rugged I would say.
I haven’t seen any other with so long software updates framework and warranty.
So I am guessing you need to balance pros and cons here. I will most likely get a generic waterproof case for holidays if no company offers a FP dedicated one before that.

Well faurphone 4 and 5 is very durable (car vs fp4, just needed a new screen still worked) and can be fixed, but not that waterproof as other phones

thank you all for your reply.

i have decided to buy the fairphone to try my self.

I will share what my experience is this far.

like lidwien manged, the fairphone case have to small edges.

its looks really good but is not that functional.

i found a different case from a strange brand i think it is called ‘Crafts Consummate Industry Moael’, but can be wrong. on the shop picture it doesn’t look like quality at all.

but now i have it im surprised. it looks and feels really good. and provide much better protection for the screen and camera.

I bought a different brand screenprotector.
I was not looking for the special futures that Fairphone sell, lijkt de security and blue light filter. I just wanna have a normal one.
but it turned out it wasn’t really fitting the screen, to small. brand: Mobilize.

maybe something for fairphone to start processing a different screenprotector. one of clear glas and one of PFF foil.

the case i bought laiter dit have a good fitting screenprotector included.

so far de accessories.

the phone.

lets say i think fairphone dit a perfect job making this phone. just Imagine how much work was into getting the materials and assembly so fair as possible.
thanks to everyone how did make that possible.

well do i miss some settings in the phone.

maybe you can help, and i didn’t found the setting yet.

the phone is jumping back to the mobile network when on wifi. i have to disable it by hand to stop the phone from using my MB’s.

and i can’t find the setting to disable mobile network for a specific application, like YouTube.

do you know how to do that?


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Dear @T4om
Thanks for the update.
Could you please share the case you bought (the links and pictures)? Preferably in the case dedicated thread - Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

For one, I am definitely looking for something like that.

On restricting mobile data, please check the SIM settings, under the heading - using data by applications. There you can at least restrict background mobile data I think.

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hi @Meaghan ,

thank you.
i was not sure if that’s aloud here,
i bought this case at Fairphone 5 Schokbestendig dun hoesje - Transparant + screenprotector | bol.com

i will make a post for the other discussion you send alswel.



hi @Meaghan ,

thanks for the tip, it looks like its a different way to get to the setting i whas before.

this is how it looks like on my OnePlus 6 with Linaegeos.
before the factory oxygenos.

in boven occasions i dit have to possibility to turn of data only for that specific application.

and on the fairphone 5.

i guess the software developer of Fairphone dit not enable this setting. i just guess i have no clue.


i dit found:

Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives? - #96 by yvmuell

it does look like the same case,

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Thanks for sharing.
I thought you bought a more rugged one. If I do not find any, I am thinking about getting a universal one, like Case, universal hard case for smartphone
But we are getting off topic here, so if needed let’s continue the discussion in the case dedicated thread

thank you for your reply

your right,

but i will make one last post about it.

thank you for the tip of that case.
i like to know if you testing it.

i do have good feeling about this case.

i expected this one is that rugged as it will get.
(i hope)

for my OnePlus 6 how dit survive ‘my’ for 6 years.
including long travels. and survive being on the equator of Africa for a full year.

i dit start with a OtterBox. the purple/blue one. back case. this one did not provide enough protection.
so i dit change it to a Rhinoshield after one year. that’s the one still on the phone.

the dammed back. its from the first year OtterBox.

the air bubbles/discoloration around the camera. that is from the sunlight on the equator.

i did use it as a screw holder, cutting board, o yes im that kind of person.

i don’t think this case is gonna provide les protection.
but the time will tell. and i promise i will do my best not dropping my fairphone 5.
I’m telling my phone.


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