5200mAh battery FP5?

I pre-ordered the FP5, but I still think the battery should and can a bit larger in capacity (eg. 5200 mAh).

Please Fairphone, if you think about the planet think about increasing the battery capacity!

If I want to buy a second battery (which isn’t ideal because of the environment…), are there any upcoming 3rd party batteries for FP5 coming available maybe?!?

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I would appreciate future battery upgrade options (alongside cross-generational battery support for future models) as well.

As for the third-party batteries you’re probably out of luck. I don’t think the incentive to develop a compatible one is to high for third parties, since the original is readily available. I just googled (usingDuckDuckGo and eBay search that is) a bit, and couldn’t find an off-brand one for the FP4 just now. So that’s a good indicator I guess.

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That would cover the power hungry cpu better indeed and give a normal battery life instead of one on the edge.

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Sorry guys, barely anyone of us here has had an FP5 in his/her hands yet, not to speak of having used it for a few days. And now we’re already asking for a better battery and know that the current one is on the edge? Seriously?
Apart from that as far as I remember only the FP2 battery got a slight upgrade some years ago, but that didn’t help much for a phone with a really bad energy hunger to battery capacity ratio. Now let’s wait for the FP5 to arrive and test it before we ask for more.


The scary part is that the answer is most probably Yes.

Meanwhile powerbanks: :person_raising_hand: We exist … just in case, you know.


Exactly. When looking at the cpu (meant for IoT and not a phone) and phone together with the battery capacity I already fear to not have a great battery life from day 1.

And to be honest, 5200 mAh (or more!!) batteries exists for many phones for years already. It’s not impossible and my proposal isn’t absurd…

The relativity small battery could actually hurt the planet most likely.

Please point to examples of swappable ones so that we can compare the batteries and phones.
I’m pretty sure Fairphone could have made some space for more juice by glueing the battery in, only requiring some foil around the battery and disregarding removability.


Example of a swappable battery: Amazon.com

@melroy89 on the positive side, this bottleneck will force you to unlock the phone less often :). Maybe we just use our phones to often anyway. And buy a second battery or powerbank I guess, for when you’re navigating out all day on vacation for instance.

This battery seems to be for a mobile hotspot device with the dimensions of 3,35" x 4,92" x 0,87" = 12,50 cm x 8,51 cm x 2,21 cm, which are 235,09 cm³.

Apart from this Verizon hotspot not being a phone, Fairphone 5 dimensions are 16,16 cm x 7,58 cm x 0,96 cm, which are 117,59 cm³, which is amazingly close to exactly half the volume in comparison.

Waiting for more examples.


I already gave an example. It was just an example. Nothing more.

Why? I guess a smaller battery needs less resources, so it will hurt the planet, if you want to call it like this, less.

Without an example that actually fits you don’t have a point at all.
Quality-wise it’s not much better than putting links to notebook batteries up here, telling Fairphone and us that those exist. And?


Right, but a smaller battery will have more wear given the same electrical load, and will have to be recharged more often which leads to a quicker aging.

But other than that this discussion does not really make sense - I could find a car battery with more capacity easily, too.

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Oh come on guys. Both sides of this discussions are just throwing around with strawman arguments now. You can always find extremes if you want to.:

There’s that one ‘Phone’ with 22Ah of battery power, which is about 4 times as much as the FP5 - but is it handy - not really.

At the same time I honestly don’t know how much additional material would need to be added to a battery to uprade it from a glued-in one to a swappable one. But is it fair to say that it’s obviously not possible to make small, swappable batteries with more capacity since there are no or few examples - well, considering that other phone manufacturers have almost universally taken to gluing them in and the EU regulation requiring otherwise will only go into effect in a few years - not really.

When I first replied to this topic, I read the wish for larger capacity battery options in the future, which in my eyes is a reasonable request, since everyone’s usecase and required runtime is different. Also technology evolves - so releasing a battery with more capacity but the same formfactor in the future is not utterly absurd, as is the thought of having third-party compatible batteries. Maybe my battery is broken in a few years - then may obviously be nice to upgrade to a version with more capacity at that point.

And that point of simply keeping the same formfactor is, in my opinion, the much more important point when it comes to sustainability: If you really wanna be sustainable, just keep the formfactor the same cross-generationally, and give people the option to buy a phone without a battery, if they’re fine with using the one they have already lying around, and at the same time give people the option to upgrade, if its necessary. The chargers are already sold separately if necessary - why not do it with the one part that can be swapped just as easily but is much harder to recycle.

Of course a cross-manufacturer battery standard would be even better, but that’s the area where we enter wishful thinking. Small steps - maybe some day…


And if you deliver a battery with double the capacity, it has double the material and resources from the beginning, instead of probably being replaced sometimes in the future.

Because people might now buy an additional battery (so double the resources). Or they buy an additional powerbank (4x or 5x the resources?).

Again: Why?

The first production sample isn‘t shipped right now and you are guessing that a battery of 5.200mAh instead of 4.200mAh would prevent that all future customers will need a second battery or a powerbank right from the start?


Not guessing … . It’s common sense given the other specs. It think @melroy89 gave 5200 as an example because of what might be technically possible right now.

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