4G stop working regulary


Since few months (after Android update?) my FP3 has it’s 4G connection (not only data) which stop working after activate/desactivate the air plane mode.
Sometime after the reactivation of the 4G the network is come back, but it’s often don’t : the plane icon disappear, but the 4G icon is not appearing.
I only can restart the phone to get it back.

Do you hear about this issue and how to investigate deeper to solve the problem ?


Just checking the update you refer to is Software update: 3.A.0107.20210513 and I wonder if it is network related; you may like to try a friends sim card to be sure. Please indicate which network you are actually using currently.

I don’t experience this issue, but then I usually use wifi. I have a problem where wifi won’t automatically connect once switched off since the last update 0107 I was about to check into that so thanks for the prompt. :frowning:

I get the update but the issue is still there.
My network is REDbySFR in France (so SFR network)

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You may like try the phone in safe mode for a day to see if it is still there. If you contact support@fairphone.com they are likely to ask you to reset the phone :frowning:

So try another network or another SIM too.

Have you tried the second SIM slot?


I have change the sim slot and for now, the activation/desactivation of the air plane mode is OK.
I will see next days…

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It could just be the contacts on the SIM card or slot, by removing and replacing you will inevitably scrape the surfaces.

It could also be just an old SIM card. If you contacted support I would expect them to say get a new SIM ??

I didn’t contact the FP support, just post here on the forum :slight_smile:

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