4G not available

Hi everyone !

Since I’m in Bolivia I can’t get the 4G though I should get it. At the beginning I got the H+ but since the last system update on my FP2 I only get the 3G. Isn’it strange? I verified with a friend whose has another phone and she get the 4G… someone has an idea how it comes ?
Thanks for your help !

Have a look here.


Ok thanks for your help ! It will not work ! I think I misunderstood something then because before leaving France I looked how the phones work and the specifies of the fp2 seemed matched for working here. Well it was surely simply for the network in general and not specifically the 4G ?

The Fairphone 2 is made for European network frequencies. This is fine in most parts of the world, however in East Asia or the Americas you may experience reduced connectivity.

The Fairphone 3(+) has wider network support, and has at least been reported by users in the USA to work better than the FP2. Going by this list of frequency bands (which may be outdated) Entel uses band 13 and Viva band 4 for 4G LTE, both of which are supported by the FP3(+).

I can’t immediately find a list of 3G bands used, but here as well the FP3(+) supports a wider range of bands, which will probably lead to better 3G (or H/H+) signal if 4G is not present.

By the way, if you need any further help, please tell us from which operator & country your SIM card is, and if you’re roaming, which network you’re connected to.


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