3D-Printed accessories are no longer available

We have decided to stop facilitating the sales of the Nightstand and the Amplifier accessories via 3dHubs network. This has to do with a number of operational issues we are encountering in facilitating the process between our customers and the printing hubs of the network. We love 3DHubs and we are still very close to their goals, so don’t see this as a final good-bye but more as a stand-by of our action together.

But hey, since we started our relationship back in 2013 our community has printed more than 1900 products! What an achievement! We have been pioneering the possibility of getting on-demand manufacturing for a product category that is normally flooded with products that are produced but not sold. We also know we have triggered some awesome relationship between people in neighbourhoods, introducing them to the world of 3D printing and connecting them with an awesome network of makers. Much of what we do, here at Fairphone embody that maker vision of doing things better whether it can be 3d printed or needs a visit to a mine.

When the time comes we will explore new opportunities together with 3D Hubs, and we are sure we will come up with new inspiring stuff.

In the meantime we are checking if we can release the design files so you can print your own, we will keep you informed!


Hi @Douwe

Would you mind sharing the models so I can print one for myself?


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@tuxle Did you read through the whole post? :wink:


Yes I did and it has been two days :wink:

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:gb: There used to be a FP2 Amplifier and a Nightstand in the Fairphone Store (Accessories). Why aren’t they there anymore/why doesn’t Fairphone offer them anymore?

:de: Es gab doch immer diesen FP2 Amplifier und diesen Nightstand im Fairphone Shop (Zubehör). Warum gibt es die da nicht mehr zu kaufen?

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Hi cweni17, I moved your question here. I am not aware if there is any more information about it since douwe’s original post at the top of this topic.


Especially not with regard to releasing the design files; at least nothing, I happened to notice.

Brauchst Du denn einen “Amplifier”. Er ist ja nur passiv und hatte eher Nachteile. Z.B. kann das Telefon ja nicht zeitgleich geladen werden und er verstärkt ja nicht, bringt lediglich den Ton nach vorne. Es klingt dann aber nicht schlechter als ohne wie ich finde.
Ich fand ihn etwas teuer und qualitativ (3D Druck) eher mäßig.
Durch einen Fehler in der Bestellabwicklung habe ich zwei davon.

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are there any updates on this topic? the amplifier seems very interesting…

I’ve contacted the designer of the amplifier (Alan Nguyen) regarding the availability of his design files and this is his response:

Thank you for your email and reaching out to me!
I can totally understand your frustration with the accessibility to the files and the ability to purchase the physical product.
Unfortunately, the design files and production are out of my control, the Fairphone and 3D Hubs teams have ownership of the file and production.
My suggestion to you would be to email 3D Hubs directly and see if they have a resolution.
Sorry if I couldn’t be more helpful in the situation, if it was up to me, I would release the design files and let everyone have fun.
Please let me know if you have any updates and I’ll do my best to help!

So now I’ve contacted 3DHubs and am looking forward to their reply.



Judging by this quote, I guess, you will have to contact Fairphone, as it seems, that they have decided to put printing via 3D on hold. Whatever the reason. Seems there has been some stress between the companies.
In my opinion it would be a good idea to take them up on @Douwe’s remarks and ask if “the time” is any nearer or still in an uncertain future.

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@Douwe @BertG

This is why I contacted the designer. He could have been the only person “blocking” the design files - apart from Fairphone itself. As far as I read the situation, Fairphone has checked if they can (want to) release the files and decided not to. Maybe because they are still busy “exploring new opportunities” :wink:.

They probably paid for the design and don’t want it to become freely accessible - which I totally understand. They just should have told us then or do so now. :roll_eyes:

Well, as by now @Monica.Ciovica is contact-person for this forum, maybe she can enlighten the community if “… checking if we can release the design files so you can print your own, we will keep you informed!” has led to any kind of result that could b presented.
Like “we can not release the files, because …” or “we have been to busy with more important things, like …” etc.
It’s not, that I or almost anyone else would not accept or understand a decision. It’s just the lack of a decision or the publication of it, that leads to frustration:
Communication is key!


I will bring this to the team and see what’s the status of the topic - if releasing is possible/if not. I will make sure to get more information in the coming days :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all, as promised last week I am getting back to you with more info on this project.
Long story short, the plan behind releasing the files has been stuck in a ‘limbo’ state the past year. And as last year was quite a big year for Fairphone - as you know; the discussions around the release did not move forward.
Now back to present times, I am going to pick up this topic again and see what are the current possibilities. And if it’s a ‘no’ in the end, I will make sure to let you know. I can’t promise an answer immediately, but I will do my best to move things forward. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thx a lot for your support and the great work!


Thanks for taking the time to look into this!

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Haven’t been here for some time. Any news?