3 navigation buttons hide

Hello folks,

There is a behavior that really upset me. The 3 buttons and the status bar hide themself. I think I am in immersion mode but I can’t find to exit from this mode. The be more clear I want the status bar and the 3 soft navigation buttons always displayed.

FP3+ magisk rooted
Android 10-0054
launch air2 as launcher.

Did some one have any advice?

Thanks in advance,
Happy holidays and take care.

Other than a setting in the launcher no. I use nova which can hide such ~ will look how they describe the option which may help you find it.

Edit 1
Is this the one, I could download and try to find the settings

Edit 2
Have downloaded, will wait for your response before installing.

Hello @amoun,

I already look at all the options of launch air and did not find anything “look like” the correct setting.

I uninstall launch air to be sure, an the original launcher (sorry I forgot the name) has the same behavior. So I think it’s an OS settings…

Just replied in detail to a similar problem, not the same launcher

The immersion mode is under Folders and does not relate to status bar, but can’t find the setting now, I had it ten min ago?

Hold down on screen to Settings for launcher >Folder > Windows style


Well that’s pretty strange but the “desired” way came back. I don’t know why and how.

I just rotate the phone and resize the clock widget in landscape. I move the RocketPlayer widget too and back to portrait. Suddenly the buttons and the status came back. Don’t ask, It puzzle me.

May be the placement of the widget… Can’t tell

Btw, thanks for your help and

Happy Christmas (war is over)

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