How to edit the status bar?

I’ve recently made a factory reset and the status bar changed in several ways and I’m trying to get them back:

  1. How to display battery percentage
  2. How to hide carrier name
  3. How to show clock
  4. How to show indicator of pending notifications (mail icon for pending email notifications, message icon for pending messages, etc)

The current status bar:

OK one at a time ~ I’ll update with edits.

  1. Settings > Battery > Battery percentage

  2. Carrier display : Settings > Display > Advanced > Network name


  4. Settings >Apps and Notifications from there you have access to all apps options


I assume that items 3 and 4 might automatically resolve once you’ve disabled the mobile network name. It’s pretty long and seems to use up almost all of the available space on the left.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but from observation I think that the status bar nowadays is divided into two parts around “the notch” (which doesn’t exist on FP3 but that’s just how Android seems to work these days). And each side only holds so much information which means, if one side is full, the overflowing items are not displayed on the other, even if there was enough space.

It was already observed on Android 9 in April last year


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