2 x fairphone 2 camera modules (new one, 12MP) for sale

I managed to three fairphone 2 camera modules (12MP) because I had to replace mine.

As a result I have two left which I would like to sell here. Instead of putting them on E-Bay I suggest that you can place your offers here. I paid 65 EUR so no offer below 65EUR is accepted :wink:

Good luck,


Why did you have to replace yours? Do I understand correctly that the camera to sell is a used product and you paid 65 Euro for the new one? Or it was the price at that time, while a new Fairphone 2 camera module currently costs 45 Euro in the Fairphone shop (https://shop.fairphone.com/de/spare-parts)?



my phone fell out of my pocket when I rushed to reach the bus. my camera ceased to work since then. I was unable to find a replacement
(see also Any 12MP rear camera available somewhere?)
instead of one shop in switzerland which only shipped to switzerland. I was lucky because my company I work fore also has an office there and I found a colleague who agreed to forward the parcel to Germany.
Because I knew that there were no available in Germany (and probably other countries as well), I bought 3 modules at once. I used one for my own phone (works again!) and now I have two brand new cameras left.

I would have loved to only pay 45 euros instead of 65 if they were available for that price!

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So did I get that correct that both are still covered by warranty and with (a copy) of the proof of purchase?

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Ich möchte eins kaufen!
Grüße von Christina

Ich möchte eins kaufen!
Ich würde mich wirklich freuen, da es ja, wie Du weißt, keine mehr gibt.
Ich bezahle gerne 65€ plus Versand

Grüße aus Hannover,

Yes, of course they come with full warranty and invoice from sinndrin. They are less than a week old! I bought them here and it seems that they now also run out of stock and aren’t available anymore.

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Ich würde wirklich gerne ein Kameramodul kaufen. Meine ist kaputt.
Wie kommen wir denn hier nun zusammen?

there is still one camera module left. If no one is interested I sell it on ebay.

My camera just died, and I would love to purchase that camera. Is it still available? I live in Switzerland, your module would go back where it came from :wink: 65 Euro plus shipping?
Thanks in advance!

As a last resort maybe this could help.

Thanks @Patrick1 I’ll check it out.
Nevertheless: @haerta could you please let me know if the camera is still available? Thank you very much.

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@haerta I’m still interested. Can you please let me know if the camera is still available or if you decided to sell it on eBay. Thanks.

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