2 Ringtones please

I have 2 sim cards in my Fairphone 3 and I want to assign a different ringtone to each. Can anyone help me do this please?

Thank you!

This post relates to the issue on a FP1 and may provide some option(s)

I tried downloading DualSim Ringtone app and it said it was no longer available. Are there other options?

Unfortunately, I can’t help with the dual SIM question, as I have a dual phone situation (company and private :slight_smile:

But - I once had a dumbphone which allowed to assign a different ringtone to every contact - I could actually hear who called before I picked up the phone.

Any hints to similar functionality - greatly appreciated.

This is one possible solution, but you have to purchase an app for it: Dual SIM cards - 2 ringtones

This is another one (for free), which I am trying right now, though I haven’t figured it out yet:

That works with the contacts app on the FP3 too. When a contact is opened, the three dot menu offers the possibility to assign a ringtone.


Does this one work? I no longer have a Fairphone and cannot check it myself:

[Android 9] How do I set different ringtones for each SIM card? - Messages Community (google.com)

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