15.1: Boot to Recovery

After upgrading to 15.1 LineageOS seems unable to reboot into recovery (or bootloader).

I posted here, that immediately after installing 20180903 I successfully did both “Advanced reboots” - which was true. This was the first time it did work with 15.1. A week later (September the 10th) it didn’t work. After installing 20180910 it didn’t work. “adb reboot recovery” doesn’t work either.

Is the only reliable way to reboot into recovery a long press of VolUp+Power?

Yes … this and pressing Vol + while rebooting.
This the standard way of booting into recovery afterall, turns out we can’t really rely on anything else.

It’s the “new” 12MP camera, you can remove it to boot into recovery…
or maybe we give @chrmhoffmann money for a new camera module!


Or some Fairphone technician could give some insight, whats the problem here… I dislike the zero communication strategy with new camera module related bugs :frowning:.


The same problems related to the new camera module are also present in the Android 7 Release Candidate, so it’s not Lineage related but just Android 7 (or higher).

IMHO this makes the problem even more serious and the non-communication from Fairphone worse. Yeah, I knew Android 7 was also affected.

Just to share what happens to me : when there is a new LOS update, I have to unplug the battery to be able to boot into the recovery mode and then TWRP launch the update automatically.
If I don’t unplug the battery my FP2 only reboot without installing the update.

No need to unplug the battery: Let the updater download and prepare the update. When the system restarts press Volume UP the moment the screen goes blank and hold it until you see TWRP booting. This works for me.

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Download update file onto SD card - reboot into TWRP - make a system backup - copy backup to somewhere safe via USB connection - install update file - reboot into system.
At what point do you want to remove the battery and why?

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I can’t reboot into TWRP without removing the battery.

Strange …
Could it be that a reboot initiated by the Updater ignores a pressed Vol + button, but otherwise rebooting into recovery with the button pressed works fine?

Same for me, but I never use the Updater, I update manually.

This afternoon I couldn’t get it to work. I did some further tests right now though and I did get it to work, via two ways. Keep pressing power + volume up (in the past I thought it didn’t work but its just a matter of perseverance I guess). If you use developer mode (with root?) you can also get the other reboot options but I don’t always see them (it seems to only show them in the reboot menu?). Finally, one could connect the device to a PC with adb/fastboot. But I don’t have those always at my disposal when I flash so for me the first 2 methods must work flawless

For me this works fine, and reliably also. I just state that the updater should reboot to install the update and the hold Vol+ until the TWRP splash screen shows up. No need for any magic

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I’ll try the Vol + button next time and I’ll let you know.
Edit : so it works but you have to be very fast when the update if finished and the screen becomes black or FP2 reboot without installing the update.

You can use the “workaround” to turn flashlight/torch on before the reboot. This will allow the system to boot correctly into recovery.

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