Updating between LineageOS 15.1 loses all paired bluetooth devices

Did you do a clean 15.x LOS install?

Well, for the second time running my bluetooth pairings weren’t lost after an update!

Yes. … 20 chars…

I didn’t, and I have the Bluetooth pairing issue. I also have the not getting booted into TWRP on reboot issue that it says no encryption while I have the 14.x encryption. I don’t know if any of these are related. They might be.

I didn’t, and I have no such issue.

Concerning the update not booting in TWRP automatically, I used the “flashlight” workaround : I started the update with flashlight on and the update proceeded normally, rebooting in TWRP automatically.
Don’t think those issues are related though…

To safe a reboot:

  1. I usually download the update via Settings >System >About > LineageOS
  2. reboot into recovery TWRP
  3. Make a TWRP full backup
  4. Install the update directly from /data/lineageos_updates/.zip*
  5. Clean Dalvik/Cache
  6. Reboot

On my 2nd FP2, I make the updates normal and still lose the pairings after reboot.
I don’t think that can be the cause.

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I think @JeroenH was referring to the mayor 14.1 → 15.1 upgrade, not minor 15.1 → 15.1 updates.

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@Roboe I did the 14.1 > 15.1 upgrade the same way. No factory reset.

Same for me, no factory reset

Meanwhile, I can confirm that every time I lose the pairs, the smartphone’s Bluetooth address was 00:00:00:00:5A:AD.

It changes while the phone is running at an unknown time.
Can anyone confirm this?

I already have Bluetooth & WLAN & Mobile data reset behind me.

I also found some ugly messages in logcat:

E bt_btif : btif_sm_dispatch : Invalid handle
E bt_btif : btif_sm_dispatch : Invalid handle
E a2dp_vendor_aptx_encoder: A2DP_VendorLoadEncoderAptx: cannot open aptX encoder library libaptX_encoder.so: dlopen failed: library “libaptX_encoder.so” not found
E a2dp_vendor_aptx: init: cannot load the encoder
D a2dp_codec: createCodec: codec aptX-HD
E a2dp_vendor_aptx_hd_encoder: A2DP_VendorLoadEncoderAptxHd: cannot open aptX-HD encoder library libaptXHD_encoder.so: dlopen failed: library “libaptXHD_encoder.so” not found
E a2dp_vendor_aptx_hd: init: cannot load the encoder

After a reboot of the phone, the bluetooth address is correct again.
The error occurs every 2-3 days.

Any ideas?

Tested with LOS 15.1-20190113-NIGHTLY-FP2

I lost Bluetooth pairings once back in October 2018 with an update, never since then.

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It’s still happening to me. I’ll look at the bluetooth address next time it happens.

Hi all, I can also confirm this bug! I am a new Fairphone 2 user since two days. As my device wont boot into recovery from LineageOS 15 I found another thread about that bug here. It seems that this bug can be worked around if the flash light is turned on before the reboot. The bug might have the cause in the new camera module. I can confirm that with flash light turned on while rebooting my device boots into recovery and here is the thing: does not loose the paired Bluetooth devices!!!

Maybe you can test this on your device? Interesting would be: Does the problem only occurs with the new camera module? Does the workaround with turned on flash light works for you?

Update: I did a little more testing here: With flash light not turned on during reboot the devices are still paired after first reboot, but all are missing after second reboot!

Interesting finding and thanks for testing. Guess this explains why I haven’t seen the bug in a while (always using flashlight lately).
This will be fixed in the upcoming release of LOS, hopefully it will fix this as well.

Can you check if the device changes bt mac address when this happens?


Yes, I noticed that the bt address changed every time, it happened.

Since I deleted data from the LineageOS settings and settings apps, this behavior has disappeared.

Currently I am on LineageOS version 15.1-20190212.

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Today I updated my phone to 15.1-20190309-microg-FP2. After first tests it seems that bluetooth devices are now reconnecting as expected after several reboots. Also the boot into recovery works fine!

Thanks to all the developers for their great job!

I will do some more testing in the next days.

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