10 years of Forum Experience

I found a nice article on Meta.discourse.com

Maybe a good one to discuss here as well. What do you think are good points from the article? What are the points we could definitely learn from?

A very good read!

More on the irony side of life: Are you trying to tell us something, @Douwe? Do you want us to reflect more on how we do our moderation? :wink:

I would be interested in the opinion of the other forum members, so why not put this into the meta category?

PS: I don’t really like the “meta”-tag. There indeed is a category called Meta.

Heya Stefan,

I think reflection is always good :slightly_smiling:
And I also think we have the nicest bunch of mods out there.

And yeah you are right on both accounts: let’s put this is in Meta and yeah, meta is already a category. I guess I have to get used to how to use tags


Well thank you! :slight_smile:

I formulated some basic guidelines on tags:

If you don’t agree, let’s discuss this further. :slight_smile:

Strange. I only read it quickly, but to me, it mostly looks like old, pretty well known stuff. Something that can be tracked down to various FAQs from around every BBS/Usenet group.

The only thing that sticks out as a bit odd is him trying to “monetize posters”. While I understand some of his reasons (and his background), I disagree with this one. Paid Internet forums are the dream of people having to run them. But most often, this change will make an open debate even more complicated. You end up in a bubble.

And honestly, September never ends. There are always new people that haven’t followed “the whole debate” (and who can?) and that’s a good thing. It’s only important to meet them in an open space and not on Facebook/Twitter/The next cool garden.