YT and SD card downloads

On YouTube you can also enable the switch “Use SD card”. I think apps are phasing out this option not because they don’t want us to use it anymore, but because most phones don’t have an SD card expansion slot anymore and most phones already have 200+GB of fast internal storage. I think it’s a miracle so many apps still have this option. I haven’t experienced issues with it yet.

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Yes and its behind a paywall. Youtube Premium allows downloads, but if you are away from an internet source a while. It asks for you to check in with internet to use any videos that you’ve already downloaded before hand. Talk about always online DRM. This is a problem with gaming as well. This usually triggers after a day of being offline. Or every few hours if its programmed into the game in question. You can blame Denuvo on that one. I like being offline during a a major storm. This has been an issue for me when playing a game and then it kicks you out with no warning is very annoying. What I’m trying to say is this is not an issue of storage. You can get drives with 26tb of storage for a few hundred bucks. Its that company’s are removing the privilege of having stuff offline. I still have a huge iTunes and steam library that takes 8tb of space on my PC. With a version of iTunes that allows in home streaming and the same with remote play with Steam. The new apple TV app removes this feature from both the phone and Apple TV device. The only way you can still use this feature is with the old Apple TV from years ago and a phone with IOS 16 firmware or earlier. This will eventually quit working and will have to use the PC to play the content. You don’t realize what you have til its gone extinct with a firmware update. There is no getting around it unfortunately the way its going.

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True, and that makes sense. Someone has to pay for that bandwidth. And ads do not show up when you have an offline copy.

Yes but when buying a movie or tv show. That should allow you to download to any device with DRM period. Having an extra layer called subscription is absurd in terms of buying a movie from the play store. If you bought it. You should have the ability to own it on the device as long as you have it. They may take it away like Playstation did with their purchases on their platform, because it was hidden in page 20 of their ELUA agreement. That’s basically robbing you blind. It doesn’t take much bandwidth to download a video once and watch it as many times as you like. It’s just a file with DRM. Usually around 4gb for an iTunes movie. That wouldn’t tax the grid like streaming does. It wouldn’t cost them a dime. So I’m trying to say is simple terms that purchasing a movie should allow you to download to a device without a subscription. YouTube content on the other hand i would agree with. That’s going towards content creators and not Hollywood. They make millions while movie stars rake in the dough. Louis Rossman explains that right to own should be a thing, and greedy corporations should not have the right to take content that you purchased away from you. I honestly agree with him 100%

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I have movies ranging between 5 and 10 GB. That’s not small. Multiply that with the millions of users and it’s quite a lot. It’s indeed odd that you cannot download a purchased movies on YouTube. Do you really need Premium for that as well? Other than that you answered it yourself, you agreed with their licenses. If you want something else, then you shouldn’t buy movies from YT. Most movies I own were free and I have it offline available for whenever I need it during a long trip abroad. For me that works fine.

iirc Steam does the same if you’re offline for longer periods of time, but at least you can emulate the steam api to get around that.

Yeah i already mentioned that. But some games check that status every few hours. Storms lately has lasted more than 4 hours in my area due to climate change. We’ve been getting feet of rain per storm. That’s why every city around me is currently underwater. At least we can say we aren’t in drought conditions this year.

You again said it yourself. That’s why blue-ray, minidisk, vinyl, and CDs are back in style. People are fed up with bogus agreements that people didn’t agree to. I certainly didn’t agree with not being able to sue because they updated the original agreements right under your nose. AI is certainly not helping things with scraping everything people create. Basically if you decide to make anything like a piece of art on a computer. You can consider it not yours because AI already scrapped it. Even if your the original creator of the art in question.

Oh, they check with their own servers? because if so that’s definitely a shame, but in the past I’ve gotten around these kinds of online-checks by switching the steam.{so,ddl} files with the Goldberg steam emulator. (but it doesn’t, for example, work with games like Hitman, since they use their own servers.)

Curious what games you’re having do this? Sounds very Electronic Arts-like :frowning:

Yeah EA. I’ve been playing Sim City 3,000 lately. Sim city 4 wont launch on widows 11 with integrated graphics because it needs a second core when the workarounds require 1. Sim City 3,000 has a sound output via HDMI problem. But runs great on integrated graphics smoothly. My complaint is more GTA V checks With the servers every few minutes. Even when playing single player. Don’t get me started with Ubisoft games. All games besides EA have a separate launcher witch checks in with their servers. Lucky I’ve never had any issues with EA besides when being offline for more than four hours. The games i play are simulation games from long ago. I even love roller coaster tycoon and Railroad tycoon from that windows 98 era. Boy this really takes me back to the good old days when we actually owned the things we paid for. It was a much simpler time. No internet and every thing came on CDs. Good times indeed.

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I totally get that, and honestly I think that’s a valid reason for pirating/“cracking” a game, provided you’ve actually bought it (same with being locked out because of DRM; I remember Spore only being able to be installed on ~4 different computers before the disk became invalid…). I do remember Sim City in particular getting a lot of coverage/hate for being always-online…

You should check out GOG - and occasionally Humble Bundle too - they have completely DRM-free games, to the point where you can even share it with people. I highly doubt they’d have Sim City or e.g. Cities Skylines, but they do have games like FTL: Faster Than Light and Democracy if you like those kinds of “simulation” games! :slight_smile:

Are you sure GTA V needs to be online though? I could’ve sworn I’ve played it completely offline (singleplayer of course), but tbf I’ve also only played it on Linux and Steam Deck.

What Ubisoft games do you play? the only ones I’ve played in recent memory are Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs 2, and they worked fine offline, albeit with reduced functionality. :confused:

The old tycoon games are such a throwback, I still love them too; have you played OpenRTC2? it’s great!

People not reading the conditions is something else as not agreeing to it

GTA 5 used to only use the Steam Client. Nowadays GTA V uses the Rockstar Launcher. Rayman Legends Uses the Uplay Launcher. these run along with the steam Client in the background. these used to run just using Steam Client until Epic Games came in and changed the game. You are thinking of Sim City 2013 that is still on yet another Launcher called EA Play. that game used to be on Origin until that was shut down. DRM at its finest I can tell. And I own all the games on steam. with sim city 2013 being an exception. Plus I heard of GOG. unfortunately I don’t want to pay for yet another copy of things I already own on CD. I found these in my CD collection. I also have SimCity Classic, Sim City 3,000 Unlimited, and Sim City 4 CDs somewhere. anyway I provided a Screen Shot of My Steam Library to prove I bought those again on steam. hope that this puts this to rest.

I would disagree. I happen to read most of the terms. but they change them after the sale of a product that it isn’t worth reading them again and again. after all its legalese and people get tired of reading the same thing over and over for everything you buy. I get tried explaining that to you. Louis Rosman on YouTube coved this. I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

The conditions include that changes may apply, indeed. It’s common knowledge by now that if you buy Cloud based stuff you don’t really own it. Especially if the conditions clearly state this. It’s a bit of yelling against the wind. Even with games, most of the content depends on external servers (this does have technical reasons). So even having that physical copy doesn’t do much. I don’t say I agree. I just find the anger misplaced.

I wasn’t upset at you. I just know having the physical copy these days for windows usually don’t work on modern systems without modifying the code. Hence my frustration. I know that repeating myself will not solve the issue with ownership. That’s why i bought these games again in order to play these titles i had growing up. Its the same with Google wanting more money for an additional subscription on top of the play store purchases of movies and TV shows. They even wat me to pay for a fitbit subscription in order to use cell phone features with the Google Watch… No thanks to that. Im not paying for something i can easily get going to a doctor for. These extra fees are getting ridiculous. And now you see my frustration with our argument. All i pay for is Disney plus for the content. Other than paying the internet bill. I mostly use Tubi and the roku channel for everything else. After all watching adds is better than having to pay outright on the monthly basis. That’s why i disagree with these ridiculous ELUA agreements. I shouldn’t have fork over a fortune monthly. I see my neighbors having to pay over $1,000 just on subscription items. I don’t like the way the industry is going. The only thing us US citizens can do is complain to the FCC or FTC. Or wait for the laws to catch up with the advancing tech industry. Even if right to repair passes. People are already being denied the right to repair in California. The companies don’t care what happens to the end consumers or the planet for that matter. I apologize if i upset you in any way. Thar wasn’t my intention. I was trying to help someone with an SD card problem. It was most likely a formatting issue. Then the thread got moved.

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