Your favourite crowdfunding platform

Say I want to start a crowdfunding campaign: Which platform would you recommend and why?


I’d probably stick with KickStarter, considering how long they around and the amount of campaigns started on there. Can’t say anything about fee’s or that sorta stuff, I just know that you are obligated to fullfill the goals of your campaign and reward the backers if you reach the funding goal.

Another site, altho maybe a bit different from a classic timed crowdfunding might be Patreon, where you can set a monthly goal or a one-time goal for certain things you want to create. People who want to support you can also choose different tiers (e.g. like $5, $10…) and receive more or less benefits accordingly. I also don’t know what kind of fee’s apply and such and there was also a security breach a while back with personal user data getting stolen.

The last platform I know is IndieGogo, but I don’t know, they don’t have the same user base as KickStarter has. They do however have the option for longer campaigns, to make an existing campaign run for a longer time and also allow funding if your goal is not reached at the set timespan.

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