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Hopefully you can help me save my FP2 - it’s really quite annoying me now. Since the update to Android 7 I’ve been suffering random reboots, sometimes it takes several days, but last night it rebooted maybe 4 times, and today has rebooted twice. So it needs to be fixed. I have tried many of the suggestions here ✏ A little Guide to... Random Reboots but obviously with no success. Plus the fact that they started with the update to Android 7 means there is a definite ‘smoking gun’. I have yet to try a backup, hard reset (The instructions were giving me a headache - there were so many options, I just have a stock phone, it was very unclear what to do in this case.) Anyway that’s the next option.

Before trying a hard reset. I’ve just copied a logcat off of the phone to see if that provides and clues. Any suggestions what to look for? (Even though the file is for 40 minutes of operation it’s nearly 6000 lines long, so I’m hesitant to paste it in and can only seem to upload image files)

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There are services like or where you can post log text files. Here you would then share a link to your “paste”.

Never used those before - such a good idea!

I pasted the first 495kb in…

It just rebooted again while I was making a cup of tea and pumping up my bike tyres :frowning:

Actually the part with disabling any network connection can turn out to be quite vital to distinguish whether the problem is triggered by any network inter-/action or only locally on the device. Some here who reported random reboots could track them down with this step.
Also disabling the “auto-update” function could help users here not having to face a crashed or frozen device after waking up in the morning.

Furthermore not just closing or exiting apps which are actually not in use but specifically “stopping” them via the apps info can take some load off from your battery and cpu.
Synching apps can also cause troubles specifically the facebook app was mentioned here many times.
Troubleshooting random reboots can be quite exhausting.

Hi Patrick1,

Thanks for the suggestions

WiFi - I don’t think it is the wifi as I have had that turned off recently (indeed it rebooted last might with the wifi disabled).

4G - I’ll try switching it off of 4g, if it still reboots I’ll try removing the SIM

Auto-update - I’ve had auto-update (I’m assuming that auto-app-update) disabled for an age - I prefer manually update apps.

Facebook - currently app is uninstalled (Whatsapp and some other are still installed, but FB seemed to be the one causing most problems on the forum)

Disabling apps - sometimes it reboots several times during a night - so very few apps have restarted, none manually.

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