Yet another (maybe) bricked phone, except I can access recovery

Ok, so critical partitions weren’t the issue here, If you ran the installer a second time without errors, everything should be fine.

Which brings us to this:

Unlike iodé, the complete Calyx installation happens through an install script, recovery just gets flashed via the fastboot update command mentioned above, together with some other partitions. I actually couldn’t tell you if those get flashed to both slots, I guess they aren’t, all the other (critical) partitions are explicitly flashed to both through fastboot flash.
That’s definitely a great observation though, the installer sets the slot to a, but according to the data above, the phone is in slot b, that might be a clue here :thinking:

Maybe something went wrong during the first boot (Anti Rollback Protection and all that…) and the phone switched to the other slot, which still (maybe) contains stock FPOS?

Looks like it :see_no_evil:

Ok, if that reasoning is correct, you are on a slot with the latest stock FPOS, but you reflashed the critical partitions with (probably) outdated versions from that old Calyx release, which is probably what’s causing the bootloop.
Actually not sure where to go from here, this calls for some more :coffee: