Yes, Fairphone 2 is on pre-sale

If depends on your time of payment received by Fairphone. If you buy a Fairphone today, the expected delivery is in November.

Placed my order but haven’t made the bank transfer until now. Does anyone know something about the root status of the Android version on FP2?


There is nothing confirmed yet. They are working on it though.

I wanted to pre-order a Fairphone last night, but unfortunately credit card payment is not accepted.
Du to this I am not able to buy the phone. Living the dream, but unfortunately without the spare cash lying about… Maybe consider a credit card payment option for the future (would have been happy to be charged a small surcharge)…

Thank you Stefan,

I have also send the question to the support and waiting for an answer. I suspect of the answer is not a yes I have to cancel my order :-(.

I’m willing to pay more than the double of the price I will accept for an unfair phone but root access is a list for me, I won’t accept a lockin again and if I have to root my phone by my self, it would be easier with a popular phone because I will find more support for this in the net.


Any news on other OS-options? Sailfish/Ubuntu? Its rather unlikely that I would buy a device with Android.

If you want to pay via a credit card, you need to use the PayPal option. You don’t need to setup a PayPal account if you don’t have one already, but you can definitely use a credit card to do this. The surcharge is 1.7%

Hope that helps!

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The community have no more news than has been announced or is on the FP website

This is pretty much what we know:

As its going to be released with Android Lollipop it will most likely take a large amount of effort to get SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch up and running properly. Good news is that both Sailfish and Ubuntu are libhybris based so once you get one working the other can shortly follow.

If fairphone want to send us some FP2’s to play with then we can get cracking, otherwise its up to community members to buy a FP2 and put the time in to build Sailfish/Ubuntu for it.

Number 90 :heart_eyes:


Regarding ports, @r0kk3rz, have you read this?

I guess this means, people who are interested to port something will get support in some way. I’m still waiting for the promised blog post.

The bootloader will be open. That means, it will be definitely possible to get root access.

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I’m not sure about that. Does it really mean
It will be possible to get root access our does it mean it will be possible to install another OS on it (witch midst include the drivers of all used components to offer all functions)?


Hi there,

I was wondering if there was any information about the cost breakdown, can any fairphone insider give us (me) a hint on the cost breakdown availability? I hope I can place an order after consulting the cost breakdown, before the end of September and before the first 15000 are sold :sweat_smile:. Thank you very much.

All we know is that the cost breakdown will be available “soon”. I guess that means well before November :wink:

This is the same thing: If you can install another OS, you can just install Android with root access.

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…presuming that an Android ROM with root access is being made available. I guess it is possible to modify Android yourself and then load the rooted version, but if you are not capable of doing this yourself, you are still dependent on Fairphone or a third party.

@r0kk3rz You could contact them and ask for a Prototype to test with.


Thanks, but I think I will wait patiently for their code drop as that will give me a better idea of how feasible this actually is.

Plus Sailfish 2.0 will be released in a few weeks, and Jolla have announced they have a working HAL for Snapdragon 800 series devices which may help this cause.

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Hi, does anyone know if the payment is taken straight away? I’m desperate for the FP2 but just don’t have the funds to pay at the moment. How long will sale continue for?

The idea is that they will sell the phone continuesly. If you preorder now, you help them kickstarting production. But they will go through regardless of how many people order a Fairphone 2. Following that they want to sell 100k phones each year.

That means you should not worry about your current financial status. Just wait until you have enough funds and order it than. Ordering now only has the advantage of getting the phone as early as possible. Ordering after production started in November doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t have to wait for shipment, since there could we a waiting list until then.

What I gathered from news articles, the community event, and the website is, that Fairphone is in contact with some OS providers. Jolla is a good candidate for that. So maybe we don’t even need community involvement to make it happen.

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That is the best option for everyone, then we might get the android compatibility layer and OTA updates .etc

But the Jolla guys are very busy as of late, with loads of stuff going on so its conceivable that they actually don’t have time for projects like the Fairphone 2.

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