Yes, Fairphone 2 is on pre-sale

I just ordered my Fairphone 2. I have number 140!
As the mobile of my friend Adri is freezing almost every week now, he gets my ‘old’ Fairphone 1.
So my Fairphone 1 is not going into waste.


I’m number 56 :stuck_out_tongue:


Ordered but haven’t got my number yet…

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what they mean with “Special Launch edition”? Is there any difference from the phoen that will launch after September? Like different specs or parts? Or is it just a hook ot get people buy it fast?

I do think it will be similiar to the first Fairphone: First buyers got a special message engraved in the battery cover. The hardware will certainly be the same.


From the newsletter:

The phone will look the same from the outside, but when you open it up
you’ll see something special that lets you know how important you are to


No preorders for US?

US sales will start next year.

I can not see my order number… :confused: not in the mails and not in the webshop. I have paid via bank transfer - could this be the reason why I don’t have a defined number? Can anybody shed some light into where you found your number! thanks

ps.I was exactly 600 with the first Fairphone :smile: )

As soon as your payment is arrived at Fairphone’s account go get your delivery number.

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Hi, when will the phone actually be delivered?

“Expected” delivery is in November

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If depends on your time of payment received by Fairphone. If you buy a Fairphone today, the expected delivery is in November.

Placed my order but haven’t made the bank transfer until now. Does anyone know something about the root status of the Android version on FP2?


There is nothing confirmed yet. They are working on it though.

I wanted to pre-order a Fairphone last night, but unfortunately credit card payment is not accepted.
Du to this I am not able to buy the phone. Living the dream, but unfortunately without the spare cash lying about… Maybe consider a credit card payment option for the future (would have been happy to be charged a small surcharge)…

Thank you Stefan,

I have also send the question to the support and waiting for an answer. I suspect of the answer is not a yes I have to cancel my order :-(.

I’m willing to pay more than the double of the price I will accept for an unfair phone but root access is a list for me, I won’t accept a lockin again and if I have to root my phone by my self, it would be easier with a popular phone because I will find more support for this in the net.


Any news on other OS-options? Sailfish/Ubuntu? Its rather unlikely that I would buy a device with Android.

If you want to pay via a credit card, you need to use the PayPal option. You don’t need to setup a PayPal account if you don’t have one already, but you can definitely use a credit card to do this. The surcharge is 1.7%

Hope that helps!

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The community have no more news than has been announced or is on the FP website

This is pretty much what we know:

As its going to be released with Android Lollipop it will most likely take a large amount of effort to get SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch up and running properly. Good news is that both Sailfish and Ubuntu are libhybris based so once you get one working the other can shortly follow.

If fairphone want to send us some FP2’s to play with then we can get cracking, otherwise its up to community members to buy a FP2 and put the time in to build Sailfish/Ubuntu for it.