Xposed + this app will run without google play services


Can anybody confirm/refute that the unoffical Xposed supports the module “this app will run without google play services”?
If there are no experiences so far, would somebody be so nice and try that?

(I could try it myself of course, but atm I am running FP Open OS for the reason that Xposed is not officially supported, so it would mean loads more effort just for one short test - at least if it failed.)

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Hi, I used Xposed with practically every FP OS I had in my FP2 without any problem so I don’t understand how the statement ‘Xposed isn’t officially supported’ could be a blocker in trying to install it and see that it can actually works :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway I also used the module you mention and it works flawlessly so you can proceed to install both :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply.
I meant that there is no official version of Xposed for Android Nougat, yet.

What kept me from trying is it the fact that I have switched from FP Open Android 5 to Lineage (when there was no Xposed-version für Android 7 at that time), then back to Android 6, and that I did not want to change to LineageOS and back again (in case it doesn’t work), because I have other pleasures in life then installing ROMs. (At least when others have already tried out what I want to know.)

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