Xposed framework not compatible with Open OS last version?

Hi there !

I flashed the Xposed framework, and installed the Xposed installer APK, but when I open the app and check the framework status, it tells me that Xposed is not compatible with SDK v23 or my processor architecture…

Anything wrong ?

Thanks for help.

You need to download the appropriate version of Xposed that suites your android version.
You probably tried to install xposed for SDK22. Lollipop is SDK22, Marshmallow is SDK23.
Try Xposed for SDK23, this should work :slight_smile:

Correct. If you get the correct version, it will run (shoes on my phone, among others)

Thanks for the fast reply. I flashed the SDK23 version of Xposed. I just dit it again, but no change…

I’m running Fairphone OPEN OS 17.06.4


The framework was ok. The Xposed Installer APK wasn’t the right one. After downloading an other file, it is ok.

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