Xposed And LineageOS

Hello every one!

I know that there have been similar discussions, but they are all closed now, and I still did not find the answer I was looking for. Hopefully someone here can help me.

I am thinking to move to LineageOS from the current FPOpen.
One major thing that I would like to keep is Xposed. I bought some of the modules I use, and I really need things like "mark as read"on GMAIL, or some adblocker.

Do you know if Xposed works properly on Lineage? I saw some screenshot of people experiencig massive battery drain, but it is been a while now and maybe things have been solved.
And how does it works with updates? Can I updated lineage while having Xposed or do I have to flash again everything every time?

Does anyone here use LIneage with Xposed?

Thanks in advance!


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