Www.mobiltec24.de sells used case for new

above vendor claims to have new cases for fp2. I ordered one as my black front frame was deteriorating with beginning cracks in the corners.
With a delay of 4 weeks I got an used couple of front frame and rear cover,. they are as dirty as my own one and have deformations from usage.

as I cannot get the mic module to work, I will have to buy another used or new mobile now.

Is this mention related to the vendor offering the bottom module mic as a spare part and also offering to do the swap of the mic in the bottom module inhouse?

I ordered a mic and a new case .

but this is about the case only.
First I have to wait 4 weeks for the case , marked as new in the bill and then it is dirty and deformed.
about mic new thread

What do you think, that we as Fairphone users can do about that? Shouldn‘t you contact your dealer?

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Yes I will do so and ask to return the used case for 39,9x €
But first I will get a witness locally to be legally clear in case of refusal of RMA.

Not order a used case for new.