Wunderlist on FP2 - possible FP2 software issue


I found out that there’s an issue with the app “wunderlist” on my FP2. I was already in contact with the support-team of this app and after testing several possibilities it came out that this might be a software issue with my phone.

Description of the problem: assigning tasks isn’t possible from my FP2 in the app wunderlist.

Does anyone of you know this problem?
Could this perhaps be solved in the update of the FP2 OS?

Thanks a lot!

Did you already try to re-enable privacy impact, as explained in this topic:

Thank you Johannes, worked and solved!
So this will be fixed with the update as I understand (in case it happens again)?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you don’t disable Privacy Impact, it won’t happen again :slight_smile: