Wrong "unplugged" status

I am using Syncthing on my FP2. It is configured to run only when charging/the charger is plugged in. Since the last upgrade I realized, it never turns off “battery” mode. Thus it does not synchronize automatically when being charged. In fact, it gives the message “device is running in battery mode” even when plugged to a charger.

As second observation, I have termux on this phone. It includes the command “termux-battery-status” which returns (when plugged to the charger and charging): " plugged: UNPLUGGED, status: CHARGING".
So I think the operating system is returning the wrong value for the “plugged” status.
Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

By the way, charging works fine.

I am running FP2 with Fariphone open on the latest version.

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I did a restart of the phone and now it is working again. So probably not a real bug.


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