Would you join a free, open and decentralized Twitter replacement for Fairphone users?

It came up here, but I guess now that Musk broke Twitter (again) its perfect timing.

Would you join a Fediverse instance dedicated to the Fairphone community?
You could exchange with other Fairphone users, but also interact with the rest of the Fediverse.
It would probably be a Mastodon server. Mastodon is the most well known part of the Fediverse.

You can read more about the Fediverse in the https://joinfediverse.wiki

So, would you join?

  • Yes, I would join
  • No, not interested
  • I might give it a try, but don’t count on me to be active there
  • I already have a Fediverse account and would interact with new Fairphone-Fediverse users
  • I already have a Fediverse account and might make a second account on that instance

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Could that be set up as social.fairphone.community (with the help of Fairphone staff who can manage the fairphone.community domain)? That would make it a good home for the WeAreFairphone account I think.

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I was thinking of fairphone.social.
People don’t like long (sub)domains.


Good point.
My rationale was that fairphone.community already exists, also with subdomains for the map and angels list. IMHO that would look really consistent.


I actually prefer short domains as well (and in fact, my first idea was yours, too), but I think fairphone.social would be often mistaken for an official company instance. Plus I’m not sure if the company would be ok with that.


Then maybe fairphoners.social?

I find Ingo’s point about consistency of URLs with the existing ones (also expressed here) striking.

For the time being, fairphone.community (i.e. here) is the heart of the community, and social.fairphone.community just fits in with that very well.


Okay. Do we know who at Fairphone controls that domain?

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Yes, easy to do.

Let me say thank you to you, Paula – not just for being agreeable here right now, but also for the general idea you brought up in this topic. You might have noticed Ingo and I weren’t 100% aligned on some points, and your suggestion proved basically “Solomonic” there. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Now perhaps continue over there? WeAreFairphone on Mastodon


We already have this discourse forum, why a Lemmy forum too?
Discourse is even planning to federate too in the future.

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I just found one! Here’s a link: https://lemmy.ml/c/fairphone

26 reply’s…I think that’s an answer right there.

Sorry had to edit…ghost was acting up

Why not just use Lemmy instead? There’s already a community there on the lemmy.ml instance.

You already asked that. Here is my answer:

Then why have a Fairphone instance on a Twitter-alternative like Mastodon?

Also, the reason I commented twice was because the first time was in response to another commenter and I wanted to make sure people saw my comment.

Why not? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

While Mastodon certainly has a more reasonable character limit than Twitter, it still has a character limit. Brevity is great, but only up to a point.

Our instance will have a 5000 character limit.

For me the answer simply is: because the WeAreFairphone account on Mastodon needs a new home.


I think you are missing the point. Mastodon is used for completely different types of interactions than Discourse or Lemmy.