Would like to remove MAIL app from FP4

Remove MAIL app

I do not want the MAIL app. It is set to stop, but comes on whenever an email is sent to me… I do not want emails coming to my FP4…

adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 PACKAGE

adb shell pm enable PACKAGE

adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 PACKAGE

adb shell pm install-existing PACKAGE

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Why removing the app? Just delete your profile there.

The APP is connected to Google it seems, so no matter what my emails will still pop up on phone. I have deleted all I can, but cannot uninstall the app…

Unable to disable or uninstall

So is it the Gmail App? Cant you deactivate it in the settings-Apps-Gmail-deactivate? You can def disable as well the synchronization normally


No it is not the actual gmail app… it is NOVA mail app, but somehow, if I send myself an email from my PC, it will show up on my phone. Disable is greyed out on the app, but I click on Force Stop, and delete cache and files… but still it comes on by itself when a mail is sent/ recieved… Weird…

OK so that’s an app you installed, that’s weird. Do you use an SD card formatted internal?

I have sorted it out now… Thanks for all your input…

No I did not install the MAIL app… it is part of the system. I have sorted it now…

You could explain how.


I went to settings in app and turned off it using internet. seems ok now, But I would like to be able to delete , uninstall the app.

Did you root your phone or installed an alternative OS? If not, it is impossible for you to install an app yourself and then be unable to uninstall it.


You can use ADB to uninstall an app but what it really does is uninstall it from the current users options, the programme still exists and hence uses memory it’s just not an ‘app’ any more.

I ‘uninstalled’ from my FP3 when I first received it

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