Would it be worth creating a wiki of lost and stolen Fairphones?

I noticed some threads about lost or stolen Fairphones

I wonder if we should try to have a community wiki page on the lost and stolen phones, with IMEIs and $discoursehandle only - so if a lost or stolen phone pops up somewhere (e.g., on eBay), the previous owner could be notified via private message. I’m not sure about it, because such a notification is of limited practical use only, and might just lead to further annoyances, i.e. not being able to get the phone back, or realising that you spent money on a phone which belongs to someone else.

What do you think?


In my modest opinion I think it is useless.
Admitting that, by big chance, someone realize that his phone is on Ebay, then what? I don’t know how he/she can have it back anyway…

Well, in the order page you can see your serial number which could be useful to recover the IMEIs of the phone so if you ask the seller the IMEIs numbers maybe you can know if it’s a stolen phone.

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I don’t think a seller of a stolen phone will voluntarily tell you the IMEI, but we could ask everybody on the forum who got his phone second hand to check the list of IMEIs of stolen phones. Then the buyer can report the seller to the authorities.
I say let’s try, worst case we have an idle wiki post. :wink:

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with the relatively limited amount of fairphones around, I think that is a good idea.

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As a sad former owner of a lost (stolen?) FairPhone, I don’t think it will be of much help, but if only one person can recover its FairPhone, it would be worth it. So let’s try!


Nice, since you are actually one of the few people who this would concern. :blush:

Why don’t you make a start and post the phone’s data in a new topic?
(You can “reply as linked topic” from here when you hover over a post…)


Hey folks,

Fairphone’s customer support team collects a list of reported stolen phones IMEI numbers. That’s why we ask people to check with us when they buy a secondhand phone.

@anon48893843, do you have more info on that?


I moved a post to a new topic: How to sell or buy a Fairphone

That seems to me a good idea.
In any case, that is worth trying, we risk nothing!
Mine was lost (stolen?)
Its number is 8718819378006
Thank you for all which will be made in this direction…

Please contact support and tell them your IMEI number.


Thank U !
I’'l do that

I do not see any phone when I go to “My fairphones” and “My serial numbers” in the web shop, or do I find it anywhere else?

IMEI1 is on a sticker on the back of the white “Open it, it’s yours” package.
IMEI2 can be calculated from IMEI1: Remove the last digit, increase the resulting number by 1, calculate the new last digit and append it. You can see on Wikipedia how the last digit is calculated, try that first with IMEI1 before calculating IMEI2’s last digit.

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I know where to find IMEI (my favourite way is dialing *#06#), I was just replying to somebody who said the shop would have registered it.

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Oops, then I misunderstood you. I thought you are one of the unlucky guys who lost his Fairphone 2. I let it there for the case an unlucky guy who really lost his Fairphone 2 looks here.

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I found my IMEI1 now in the webshop at “My serialnumbers”.