Would a fully modular phone ever be feasible?

I am just wondering, as a stable format and internal layout + modular cpu/gpu/wifi module could create a phone where everyone could slowly upgrade all components, without having to order a new phone every now and then. Do you have any thoughts on the future feasibility of such a phone?

Because if this can‘t be achieved, there might always be some users who are dissappointed by new models (I for one would be, if I had bought an FP3+ just before the FP4 was released.) Also, some might chose a faster chip without the newest camera etc etc.

Feasibility = Zero unless you have a really big phone ~ Not a way to go

The core module is ‘the phone’ and includes CPU, RAM, Power Chip etc. etc.

The power usage is reduced by having small components integrated rather than going through circuitry and connections.


If you liked 1983 and the size of the phones back then, a fully modular smartphone is feasible today as well.
You just have to cope with the size and weight :wink:



There’s modular Mifi at least :slight_smile: (GL.inet). Its as modular as it gets, I’m afraid.

ARM SoCs have everything (CPU, mobo, RAM, eMMC) within the package. Upgrading that complete package is so expensive, that you may as well buy a new smartphone. Or use your current one longer, or resell your current one.

Using old CPUs is also power inefficient, which isn’t fun with current energy prices.


Thank you for your answers and there is a lot of good things originating from the 80ies :wink: Just as an add-on: I meant if the cpu/gpu/ram etc were „just“ one integrated module that could be exchanged. because as I understand FPs, more or less everything else around this core is already a modular part.

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But that core module is so important and has such a big impact compared to the rest of the hardware, that you may as well buy a new smartphone with a new core module. And, because of size constraint (and energy efficiency, too), its all soldered on-board.


Here’s to the future!


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