Working Fairphones?

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I’m one of those poor guys that had all bugs described here in the forum. I will get a replacement in a view days. Now I’m thinking about to sell it, because I’m afraid the “new” one will be buggy too. My question is:

  • Are three some working fairphones? (or at least with a few minor bugs)
  • Has anyone experiences with a replaced phone? Can you assume, the replaced will work better?

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My 2 devices work fine right from the beginning.


I also have no major problems. As most people do. These people are just not the majority of the people looking for help on this forum :wink:


I couldn’t agree more with @danielsjohan. Mine is working like a charm and will hopefully do so for a long time. :smile:


My FP2 had several severe display issues until april . After FP exchanged the display it works with many minor bugs that I couldnot realize before because of severe display issues ! The recent updates I still leave out because I learned that my battery would drain due to apps that use the proximity sensor. The biggest problem to me was with external OTG memory sticks that are missing clear mount and unmount policy due to androids missing privilege policy for external memory sticks. Although there is an update from FP for this I cannot use it due to expected draining battery mentioned before.
Summerizing the issues with the appreciated and often updates to me personally is that FP support and most people here tell me I must update but they shall not take responsibility for the consequences I have to suffer from after updating. I noticed how a program for beta testers for FP2 updates has started only a few weeks ago.
I don’t dare to ask anybody why this was not started from first day of 2016.

No problem for me so far! All the issues were software-related and have either been fixed or added to the list of known bugs (I use FP open OS). The display still works as it should and I never took off the cover, so it still looks like new!

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Yes, most work perfectly fine. I never had any serious issues that I didn’t cause myself (had to replace screen after toilet drop) and same goes for most other users, they just usually don’t come to the forum to post “i have no issues”.

You’ll find some posts here on the forum from very unlucky users that got replacement phones that had problems too, but in general: with every new fairphone you have a much higher chance that it works than that it doesn’t.

As this has been discussed a hundred times before I’m closing this topic.

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