Working conditions (hours, wages) in assembly (hi-p) factory

looking into how these phones are manufactured, are there any updates to the manufacturing conditions linked in the “story” page?

reading the report provided (from several years ago), i t seems the factory that does assembly still has worker hour issues and low wages.

it’s worth noting that in the cost breakdown linked here worker pay accounts for around 10 euro in the price of each phone, which is only something like 2.5%.

was there any move made to reduce hours to something reasonable (report references 60 hours + overtime) and ensure pay provides at least average quality of living in city of manufacturing?



The latest blog entry about working conditions was from October 2017, so you’ll find more recent info there.


as far as I can see, that only relates to case manufacturing, not main assembly of the devices.

The cost breakdown is pretty outdated by now, unfortunately, which is why Fairphone doesn’t actively advertise it anymore. At the moment it can merely serve as an estimate of the relative proportions of the cost of a smartphone.

from what I can see though, the company appear to be basically happy with “business-as-usual” practices.

long hours (60 hours is a long week, and that doesn’t include overtime) and low wages.

is there any motivation internally to improve this situation, like move to a more reasonable work week (40 hours?) and something like a living wage?

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