Working App Lock / App Vault application / solution or FP OS internal functionality?

Hi All,
I have lots of sensitive apps on my FP - Banking apps, 2FA apps, KeePass etc. I’d like to lock some of those away behind a PIN. I don’t want to loose the convenience to unlock my FP with a fingerprint to make a call etc., but fingerprints and patterns are inherently unsafe. For sensitive apps having to input a PIN (Phone-PIN or other) would be great. Most lock apps on the play store are simply defeated by uninstalling the app - totally useless. Is there are good option you know of, or do you have a different approach that might work for me? Also do you see any chance of support for this be integrated into the stock FP OS which I’m using?

Hello and welcome.
I am not sure I understand, most of the banking apps I use give you the choice of turning off biometrics and use the PIN instead. Is that not common?

Thanks for you answer Meaghan,
yes, but there are some that don’t and some 2FA apps (like google authenticator) I use don’t either.

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I have those kinds of apps installed in the work profile, which (at least on CalyxOS) can be secured by an additional PIN, pattern, pw, fingerprint etc.

Work profile support is already part of regular Android, since FPOS doesn’t expose it directly you’ll need an app like Shelter to use it.
I don’t have access to a phone running stock rn, so you (or someone else) would have to check if Shelter supports locking as well, sorry :thinking:

Oh and welcome to the community BTW :wave:


That work profile solution sounds cool. Will look into that. Thanks!

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