Work from Home Survey

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Hello Everyone,

We are Product Design Students at the University of Sussex, and we are currently researching the issues home-workers have faced since the rapid increase of Work From Home opportunities since lockdown.

The purpose of our project is to create a product inspired by Fairphone’s existing product range and brand ethos, incorporating the human senses and flourishing. Understanding Fairphone’s existing customer base will help our concept ideas massively.

Any information provided by you will not be able to linked back to your person, and will only be used in a portfolio and presentation to our course leader. All responses will be terminated at the end of the module, which is the end of February.

If you have any questions, comments or experiences you want to share, you can contact us at:, or comment below.

Your responses are highly valuable and integral to our design process, thank you for your time.

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Hi and welcome,
the link to FP is not really clear, so I would add more detailed info, else I doubt you will get feedback from the community.


I have some little research experience and generally what is expected is clear indication who gets the data and how it is going to be used.
The proper email address - not the one with ssussex instead of - could also help.


We have made amends to our original post, thank you for your insight.
If there are any further changes we should make to comply with expectations of this forum, (and of research practices as a whole) please let us know.

Thank you!

Survey done. Good luck with your course assignement! It would be interesting to see what came out of it in the end, feel free to share some of your results here if you can.