Wooden phone case to Fairphone 3 and 4!

I found this company today making cases to Fairphone 3 and 4 from Swedish wood!

Looks like a really nice case and made by an responsiblity company. Anyone who has tested them? I think I will try one for my FP4.


Here’s where one forum member gave the first feedback about those (includes a few more photos further down the topic):

You might want to join the discussion there, although back then it was about this case for the FP3 only.


I bought my wooden case in june 2021. It works fine. A few weeks ago I dropped the FP3 and I got a crack in the case (upper left corner). It wasn’t the first time I dropped it. The case is a bit tricky to take off, but I seldom take it off. I’ve now decided to try to glue the crack myself.
I’ve got a lot of friends involved in NGO’s and the environment, and many of them asks about the case (not the FP3 :frowning: ). I answer them and tells about the Fairphone too :smiley:.
Just before christmas it slipped out of my pocket and into the icy ground (with gravels) and the display cracked! But no more cracks in the case though. I’ve ordered a new one, now with screen protector. I hope the protector works with the case.


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Has anyone bought a case from Bark Sweden for a FP4? I would like to know how it fits. And some pictures would be nice. Thanks.


I would be interested in the experience of others with that case for the FP4, too

My flatmate has a Fairphone 4 with this particular wooden case. I can ask her about her experience and maybe take some pictures :slight_smile: Gimme some time.


Could you also ask her how much thicker and larger the phone becomes with the case? I can’t find the information on their website.

Why not email info@barksweden.com

Well, firstly because I am lazy :wink:
Secondly because the flatmate will be involved anyway and
thirdly because she might be able to say: it’s only 1 mm, but this mm makes the phone so large and bulky that it becomes nearly unusable for persons with hands smaller than the ones of Hulk.
The third point is maybe the most important one.

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See here for pictures and above this post a link to a description of the user


I bought Barks cover in June -21 and used it almost 1,5 years. After dropping it several times into the floor it cracked in a corner, se picture. I tried to glue it together, but I didn’t work out well. With professionell help it would have been ok, I think.
Anyway, I’m happy and pleased with it. One disadvantage was that I had to take it off of I wanted to connect my 3.5 mm headphones. The
hole in the wooden frame was too small.
Yes, the phone became thicker but not too thick, I think. I received a lot of positive reactions!

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